This doesn't even count as a sighting but, my teacher knows Cara (I think thats her name) (it's Keri) from RW Chicago, because she's a bartender in New Orleans. And a 2 girls I know go to school with Blair at ULL. ~ANONYMOUS

Well I didn't see them together but I was at the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics and Julie was there (Perhaps she was with some friends from when she used to go to school there) I went up to her and said hi. She replied with a friendly hello, she was really, really cool. Oh and she was soooooo hot!! Oh and she dyed her hair, its kind of orangeish now its still hot!!!
I also saw Matt from N'awlins in Rome. He was speaking at a Catholic High School rally there. I went up to talk to him and he kind of had this attitude like everyone there wanted to talk to him!! He was a completely cocky and snobby A#$ hole! Oh yeah and he was dressed all importantly like he was a rock star. Whatever hes a joke!! ~FRANK

I don't know if this qualifies but my next door neighbor just got picked to be on Real World Las Vegas, he found out about a month ago, and he is headed to Las Vegas in a week! It's so cool because I was the one filming him in his audition tape and now he's on the show. He said the casting process was so hard, he didn't even think he made it to the 2nd round, but he lucked out and made it all the way. He says he can't wait to get there and meet all his new roomates. ~JOSH

Hi everyone, I want to be on The Real World so bad, so I actually watch the show all the time, but I never thought I would ever meet anyone from the show. Well I did. I was at Barnes and Noble in the Westlake Mall in California when I met Colin from the Real World Hawaii. I thought it was cool at first, and I have seen him on the show and he seemed really nice. Oh, but I was so wrong. He was the biggest jerk, and like the BIGGEST dork ever. He thought he was the total SH*T!!! Too bad he is not even the slightest bit famous. Anyway, he was signing some books for people, and my friend and I were trying to ask him a few questions. He looked at us with a rude face, and insisted that he was "too busy" to talk to us. Oh, ya, and he is not as hot as he looks. He has no butt, and did I mention that he's a total a**hole? Ya, well that was my encounter with the Real World cast member. I heard that Yes is cool, so I would like to meet him. But, however beware of Colin, what a total dork!! ~ANONYMOUS

My friends and I were at the WEBN fireworks in Cincinnati over Labor Day weekend last year. My friend and I were walking around when I saw a guy that looked like my ex-boyfriend I hadn't seen in a couple years. I was all excited, but as he came closer I realized it wasn't him at all. It was Yes from Road Rules! (Apparently they were doing the Real World/Road Rules casting special.) So he's coming closer and I'm freaking out because I've thought he's good looking for so long. I'm screaming to my friend, "You know who that is? It's Yes from Road Rules." So she yells Yes and he turns around and smiles. Out of natural reaction we followed him until we saw he went into a port-a-potty and decided to leave him alone. We ran back to our other friends and told them about it, but they didn't believe us. Then as we were sitting there talking, he got in line for food with some girl and guy. I had my camera back in the car and he was in a really long line so my friend and I ran back to the car to get it. I had platform sandals on and ended tripping and cutting my toe open. I had to go to the first aid tent to get treated and by the time I made it back, he was gone. Oh well, it was worth the hurt toe to catch a glimpse of him. ~ASHLEY

I saw Melissa at Warner Brother Studios in Burbank California. My family saw Melissa while on a tour. Our tour guide pointed out that she worked there. I guess she got into broadcasting after the Real World Experience. ~STEVEN

Some friends and I went to the Malibu Chili Cook-Off in California in Sept. 1999. I saw several stars that day, however the best was seeing Mark Long from Road Rules (first season). He was walking around with two other handsome men. Mark still looked the same. When I saw him, his hair was "big" again. I was standing right next to him in a food line. I wanted so bad to say hi, but my shyness took effect and all I could do was stare. ~JULIE--Big Road Rules Fan

Here's a Real World/Road Rules Sighting for you: I was a coach for a Real World/Road Rules Challenge that occured in Boston about 3 weeks ago. I was the Road Rules coach and got to hang out with the cast for 2 days!!! It was great. And get this - I slept on the Road Rules bus - in James' bed. No - he was not in it. He made his bed for me and slept on the couch in the back of the bus. Laterrian is awesome - such a nice guy. I talked to him on the bus for about 2 hours while everyone else slept. James is so sweet. And everyone else rocked too. And to give a bit of info - ROAD RULES WIN THE CHALLENGE I COACHED!!! ~ANONYMOUS

I was there when they were filming the first episode for Road Rules 9, Walking on wind! It was filmed in AZ about 10 miles from my house! Me and a friend were out 4-wheeling and we saw the balloons taking off. We have made friends with some of the balloon companies and so we went over there to see if there was anyone we knew. If you watch the episode you will see a huge concrete strucutre in the background. That is a flood control dam! I did not see our trucks in the episode, but we did see the cast members. ~JEFF

Well... close enough to meeting RW Hawaii's "Teck". I go to school with his step-sister. (Even though they go by just sister and bro) Just FYI, her name is Kim and she goes to Western Illinois University. Hopefully, someday, he'll come to visit her! lol. Peace. ~B.

OK, here are my two sightings. Last September 1999, I was waiting for the E train in NYC to go to Queens, and was standing next to a woman waiting for the E train going into Midtown. I glanced at her & it was Montana. She was the first "celebrity" I'd spotted since moving to New York a month before, so I tried not to act like an a** & stare. But she was much prettier in the "Real World" than on TV. She is also much smaller, and had a great sense of style. As for Eric......he was having dinner/drinks with a few friends @ the lounge I worked @ in Midtown two months ago (June 2000). Out of everyone @ his table (there were five in all) he was the only one who didn't say thank you when I brought his drink(s) & dinner. He also positioned himself @ the table so he was facing the huge picture window, making sure everyone that walked by on one of the busiest streets in Midtown would see him. He had a nice upper body, but he had no A** whatsoever. Oh, & "he wears his sunglasses at night." How Hollywood of him. ~ANONYMOUS

I live in NYC and one night I was leaving work and my eyes did a double take on this really tall lanky girl crossing the street. It was Joe from RW Miami's ex girlfriend--that really tall girl who was a bitch in the show. Well this over 6ft skinny woman was walking with some older man in a suit. By the way I really would like to meet YES. ~NYC GRIS

My name is Brian Battaglia and I have on a few occasions have delivered pizza to her and her boyfriend Walter at an apartment complex in Henederson, Nevada. She was very nice on all the occasions and tips pretty well but the other night Walter got a real attitude with me when his pizza was a few minutes late. ~BRIAN

I went to Mardi Gras this year and stayed with a fraternity buddy at Tulane. We went to dinner at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen and Sarah (RR Latin America) was our waitress. She was a hella bitch. She gave us a snotty attitude the whole night. She refused to separate our checks and didn't apologize for spilling a drink. One of my friends wanted to leave because he didn't care about Road Rules. I convinced him to stay. She was kind enough to take a picture with 2 of my female friends. The recognition and attention did make her happy, the only time during our meal. ~K-SPOT

My husband and I were Whitewater Rafting in Ocoee, TN a few years ago when we saw Jon Brennan at the Ocoee Inn. We didn't bother him but it looked like he was making a stop at the John before heading out on a charter with a group of friends. He was so easy to recognize with the trademark country attire. Somehow I'm not surprised that I haven't seen him at the top of the Country Charts. ~LORI

I met Mohammed and Sharon from the Real World. They were at my University on two separate occasions. Sharon is really nice. She's very pretty in person. She smiles a lot and she has glowing skin. She seemed genuinely interested in talking to people and she was telling me how she was taking college classes via the internet. Mohammed was so beautiful. I was already in love with him before hand but when I met him he was so nice and interested to talk to me. I think he was interested in me but there were so many people around that he couldn't focus. I was interested in him too but I had to play it cool. I talked with him about San Francisco and New York where he lived. I asked about his band and stuff. Then I thanked him for visiting our school and left. I played it like I wasn't phased but I thought he was so fine. Later I found out that he was mobbed by a bunch of freshman girls after I left. ~ANONYMOUS

The other day me and my friends went to the Dixie Chicks concert and after the opening act these two guys came out on stage and were throwing t-shirts and stuff. Well I totally recognized the one guy's voice. It turned that it was Nathan from the Real World Seattle. After the show he was at a booth signing tickets, and we wanted to get a picture with him, but there was a huge mob of people around him, so we didn't get a chance. But it was a nice addition to a great concert. ~ANONYMOUS

So anyway, I was going to Mexico for my senior trip and on the way there the tour group that I was with told us that P.I.G, was staying with our group. I was like NO SH...T!?! SO one day I was sittin by the pool and she came over and laid this lawn chair thing next to me, so she could get some sun by the pool. I knew who she was but I pretended not to. We started talking and I just couldn't get enough of her accent. We ended up talking for a couple of hours. I hung out with her at the clubs after that, it was the coolest thing ever!! And I know that sometimes on the show she's portrayed as kind of a bee-otch, but she was actually one of the most genuinely sweetest people I've ever met...I'm so glad I got a chance to become friends with her. ~CAILIE

Hey whats up..My name is Erin and I'm from Palm Springs...When a friend and I went to Universal Studios City Walk...we saw the cast member Sarah from the Real World Miami. She was sitting at the valet parking place waiting for her car I'm guessing. We didnt go up 2 her because she looked really sad or mad or something. We didn't want to bother her...but she looked the same as in her shows! She seems like a really nice person. ~ERIN

I used to go to Ferris State University, in Big Rapids, Michigan, and Jon Brennan and the MTV crew came to our university where he spoke of his experience on Real World. ~ANONYMOUS

I was in New Orleans with my family and we were walking past Belfort Mansion and all of a sudden I see the door open and a bunch of cameras come out and I was like oh my gosh what are they doing? Then I see 6 more people coming out and I was thinking this must be the Real World cause I heard they were in Nawlins this season so when I saw the premire I freaked and I was soo in awe!! ~LUCKY TOURIST

Hello, I go to UC Berkely, and I have a story/sighting about Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea. One lucky night at a Frat party I saw her and my dawgs was like go talk to her and sh***. So I did. She was coo and seemed to be attracted to me as well. So I'm asking her these bulls*it questions like; so what's it like and why'd you take Pua's shirt...She was laughing and I can tell she's interested in me....I asked her to dance and she said yeah..It was a slow jam and that was cool. So we're grinding and sh** and I say; I have always thought you were the hottest girl on any of those RR/RW shows. So we're dancin' and I keep dropping these lines and she's like eating them up. Then we just start making out!!! Intense right on the dance floor...I told her that my place was not too far from here and she's with it!! So we end up at my place and we get down and dirty..(KNAWIMEAN? ) The next morning when I wake-up she's gone..I ain't seen her since..But it was cool to have met her.... ~DADDY RAW

One of my dad's friends was graduating from USC. The place was so crowded I didn't move from where I was standing for about five minutes. When I was able to move I bumped into this lady. I accidentally dropped her purse so I picked it up for her. When I looked at her she looked familiar and the my dad was behind me and I screamed to him and said "Dad it's Pam and Judd from the Real World," my dad had no idea what I was talking and I couldn't tell my brother because I couldn't find him. Pam and Judd just laughed at me because I was so hysterical. I wanted to follow them to get their autograph but I couldn't because I would have got lost. I felt like a dork. ~ANONYMOUS

6/22/00...Saw Tara (Northern Trail) at the Borders in Santa Monica. She had these cutesy pigtails and seems to be a shorter person than on TV. Didn't talk to her, but she seemed to be having a blast reading from some novel.

Road Rules season 9 Maximum Velocity Tour spent 3 or 4 nights here in my city, Lake Charles, Louisiana. They watched the Super Bowl at a local club and while they were in there a local frat stole the bull skull from thier Winnie. I was standing outside the club when they left. There is 1 really hot blonde girl with them. They went to the frat house and tried to pick a fight. Instead of fighting they stole the frat's 2 football helmets. Somehow they managed to return the posessions to the rightful owners. The frat house altercation won't be on tv because the frat refused to sign a release paper. They will, however, be on tv flying in the half parachute/half go carts while dropping paint balloons on targets on the ground. Fun stuff. ~ANONYMOUS

I saw Colin and his two friends who were on the show at the Meadows Mall in Vegas. They were signing some book, I got an autograph. ~ANONYMOUS

All right...I don't usually give a crap about this Real World stuff, but here's my story. In March 99, about 5 friends and I were on our way to Florida for Spring Break, and we stopped in New Orleans for a couple of days to party and watch the NCAA basketball tournament that was being played there. We were in the Quarter pretty late, and this guy pops my friend in the chest and tries to fight him. We all got into a huge pushing match, the bouncers came and broke it up and started to kick us out. The guy that started looked familiar, and he got booted. But we were staying with one of the bouncer's roomates, so we got to stay. Anyway, this guy is still yelling at us from outside, and people are saying that it's Nathan from RW Seattle. I watched that show a few times, and it was definitely him. He was pissed off and drunk. It was great. He thought he was such a bad-ass. He almost got the crap beaten out of him, plus he got kicked out. Real World my ass.

I was at LAX recently on a layover when I saw Kaia from RW9. On behalf of all RW viewers I thought it was my duty to let her know just how much of an annoying f**kwit she is, so I confronted her and asked her to autograph a napkin, I then proceeded to undo my jeans and wipe my ass with the napkin and hand it back to her. Hopefully, from this experience Kaia will f**k off and leave the TV viewing public alone. ~ROLLAGIRL

I go to the University of Virginia and during the winter of 1999-2000 my school invited some past RW/RR cast members for a Q&A session with U.Va. students. Although I didn't go to the assembly, I did go to a frat party that night. I was dancing at the party when I looked up on the stage and noticed a short, petite girl with a cowboy hat on. Turns out that it was good ol' Ruthie from the Real World Hawaii. I asked my friends if it was her...just to be sure. After they agreed with me, I did my fair share of staring! I was quite amazed at how much smaller she seemed in person; she was only about 5 feet tall. It was definitely an unforgettable night. ~ANONYMOUS

Well, I didn't actually meet these cast members, but I saw them. I was watching some movie on the Disney Channel called Brink! and in one of the skating competition scenes Devon from Road Rules 2 was an announcer. I also saw Dan from Road Rules Northern Adventure on a Best Buy commercial. ~ANONYMOUS

I was at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this year (2000) and I kept hearing about this sick party chalet waaay up in the hills. It took me a while to figure out how to get up to it, but everybody kept talking about it in town, so I felt it was worth the trouble to get a ride up there. So I got in the house finally one night and all these kool katz were there, there was a hot tub on the deck and exotic drinks were being served and business cards were being exchanged, etc. I went to sit in front of the fireplace and just as I sat down with my back to the fire I saw Pawel from Road Rules asleep on the couch, SNORING loudly with his mouth hanging open, right in the middle of a pretty loud party. I was amazed at how random this was, and I couldn't stop staring, I guess because he couldn't see me looking, and as I watched, his head was rolling and pitching back and forth in sleep. I kind of looked around and grinned at the people near me, and one of them told me she was staying in this house and so was Pawel and that he was real exhausted from skiing all day, and that he hadn't even been going to any of the films at the festival. Plus besides seeing Pawel I went back to the same house a couple of times and I saw Mickey Dolenz from The Monkees and some guys who said they were in The Cult. Fun chalet. ~MIRANDA

Maybe not the most interesting sightings, but at work last fall, I would always see Vaj, Montana's boyfriend from Real World Boston, coming in and out of my building. He looked like a cool guy, but kind of unhappy. My guess is that he moved to LA to escape that skank Montana! I also once saw that guy with the big hair from the first Road Rules at this Irish bar called Dublins. ~ANONYMOUS

I was at the MTV Movie Awards 2000 in LA and Yes, Amaya, and Veronica were hanging out 2gether. Then I was at Costco (a bulk store) and Amaya was there buying Cheetos.
I didnít talk to them but I looked at Yes and he knew I knew and kinda looked again to see if I saw him. And I watched Amaya sign an autograph. Veronica had on an ugly black dress. Amaya had a Playboy Bunny baby tee on. ~ANONYMOUS

OK, I was supposed to go to this party that I had been looking forward to for practically EVER, and I ended up going to the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, NE where I live when I am not at school. So, my sisters and I were at the Ranch Bowl watching a band, and up at the bar was David from the RW Seattle season and Jason from the Boston season, we talked to them a bit, and they said that they were filming an independent film in Omaha. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the rest of the summer!!! ~SARAH

While visiting my brother in NYC (Aug '98), we went vintage shopping in Soho and to my amazement, saw Kalle and Montana shopping in the same store. I wasn't quite sure if they were hanging out together, but most likely, because later on, Montana was smoking outside the store, seemingly waiting for someone. I didn't talk to them out of shyness, and thinking that they didn't want to be bothered, but I think Kalle could tell I was whispering to my brother about whether or not it was really them. Strangely, Kalle looks like she has a larger body frame than on tv, and Montana looked much smaller

Well me and my friend were in a mall called Pembroke Pines Mall, here in South Florida, well I had just gotten out of work, and decided to go to the mall. I've always been such a fanatic of the Real World and Road Rules, well anyhow, I was walking, and from a distance I saw Syrus (RW Boston)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was w/ a friend of his, and all I kept saying was "Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god...that's SYRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". He looked at me, smiled and waved b/c he was on his cell phone......I WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!! I then went to the store I was going to then quickly left to see if I could see him again, or maybe even follow I couldn't believe it!!!! Then the day after, I was telling my friends at work and it just so happens someone else SAW HIM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could meet them ALL!! ~MINDY

I saw Sean, the lumberjack guy from RW Boston quite often during fall/winter 1998/1999 at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul Minnesota. He was actually wearing his trademark leather hat each time I saw him. When I first spotted him, I wasn't sure if it was actually him or just another person with a silly hat, but then I heard from another student that it was in fact he. ~REAL WORLD FAN

Here's my Real World/Road Rules spotting story!!
I was at a train station in Berlin, Germany waiting for my friend's train to come. I was getting impatient as I watched all the people come out of the trains but my friend wasn't one of them. As I was waiting I spotted someone that looked familiar. Suddenly I realized who it was, I hit my cousin on the shoulder and said, "Look it's Patrice from Real World." He was loaded in luggage and was carrying an Adidas shoebox. He just turned and gave me this strange look. I later realized that of course Patrice was on Road Rules. Trust me I am a huge fan of both shows, I haven't missed a single season or episode. I just had a momentary mental breakdown. I would have talked to him, but he looked like he was in a hurry. That's my story!
To the girl that met Yes, you are so damn lucky!!! He has got to be one of the most beautiful men on this planet!!! ~VANESSA

Here are some sightings... Kind of old (I apologize) but I just stumbled upon this site:
In November 1998 I saw Dan (RW Miami) at the St. Louis airport where I had a two hour layover before connecting to a flight to New Orleans. He looks exactly as he did on the show-- seemed a little high strung, was pacing around, couldn't sit still.
In October 1999, a friend and co-worker of mine were racing through the Las Vegas airport to catch our flight and we saw Teck from the RW Hawaii cast. He looked normal and laid back, no cameras around him, looked like he was just standing in line waiting to check in. I'm assuming since the RW/RR Challenge began in Vegas that he was there to film that episode, but since there were no cameras around him, maybe not! ~LENA

I live in Hawaii, so when the Real World cast was here, my friends and I saw them twice. Once we were at the mall and we saw them with the cameras everywhere. Then we saw them at CPK. But I did not get any pics with them. ~A FAN

Had the annoying pleasure of watching Mark (I think that's his name - the guy who hooked up with Kit - with the weird hair [from RR Season 1]). On a trip back from the Bahamas in 11/98, stop over in Atlanta, he was not only walking up and down the aisle to the restroom, but every chance he could he would stand up, stretch, look around, sit down. Stand up, look in overhead compartment, sit down. I wanted to just yell at him "sit the H*** down - ya ain't all that man!" Now why couldn't I have seen David? ~DARLENE

I live in New Orleans and my office is in the area of the city known as The French Quarter. I had a sighting of two of the cast members last week one day on my way to lunch. According to the article that you have on your site from the Times-Picayune I guess I must have seen Do-Rag and the girl described as Afro-Latino-Asian origin. My friend and I were about to round a corner when we saw a camera man and a guy carrying a boom microphone go rushing past us. I said to my friend "I wonder if they are from The RealWorld?" We rushed to the corner and looked up the street and saw the camera guys following two 20-somethings walking on the sidewalk. I only saw them from the back. But, it was a black guy with this long black cloth on his head. He was somewhat tall. Walking next to him was a short petite girl with shoulder length black shiny wavy hair. It was a cold day and they didn't really have any coats on, so to say the least, they were walking very fast and I wasn't about to make a fool of myself and run after them. I'm sure they will do their share of hanging out in this area as it is considered quite the party area for visitors. Especially Bourbon Street! ~SARA

The day was 12.22.99, Wed. night at around 10:15ish. I was chilln w/ my friends at the airport cuz one of my friends was leavin to go to the Philippines n we were just gonna see her off. My friend Luannne then said out of nowhere 'hey isn't that Yes?' and I turn around...low n behold it was Yes!!! I was in awe. Seriously, he is cuter in person, flawless I mean flawless skin. (my friend said he looked like he cleaned himself five times)...he walked right past us. I couldn't believe someone that I see on TV and admire was actually right there. It was as if he walked right out of TV cuz he looks pretty much the same. (except maybe his height, my friend said he thought he was taller..he's maybe 5'8) Well I just stood there in awe and my friends had to push me to go to talk to him. Well I ran after him and grabbed his arm, and said excuse me, are u Yes?..n he was like uh yea...he was w/ two other was actually his mom, the other sadly his gf. Not the same girl from the show. Well, he was really cool. he talked to me n my friends. I was soo in shock my friends told me later I blurted out pretty stupid questions like "did u have fun?" and "did u like road rules?" and I was all red and smiling. He told us that he was gonna be on the Challenge w/ Amaya, Teck, Veronica n some others. He had a lot of fun doin that. He was on his way to go backpackin in Vietnam for eight months. I didn't have a clue he was goin there..really random that I saw him. In fact I thought it was fate! But anyways,I don't really remember everythin he told me cuz I was just starin at him n nothin was comprehendnin..he's really cool though n down to earth. well i asked when his flight was n he saId 40 min n that he had to get a bite to we said our goodbyes but then...15 minutes or so later, we spotted him in line gettin something to drink and I was delirious once again that I freakin bought a $15 disposable camera at the airport store. I just boughtthe first camera I saw n didn't realize till later when Yes's gf told me that it didn't have a flash n it was an outdoor camera. Well I went up to him again n asked if we could take some pics, he was of course really cool bout it. Sadly we took 5 or so pics w/ that camera of just me n him (but when I developed them they didn't come out )= Luckily Yes told me he had a polaroid camera so I asked if I could use it n he nicely let me use his camera. He took a pic w/ me n him, and one w/ me n my friends. He signed the one of me n him. I can't stress enough how cool n really sweet he is w/ his fans. We talked bout school, how Road Rules only showed them fightin n not their good times, how he went skydivin, bungee jumpin all that. Iím tryin to remember what else, I know that he was drinkin Snapple Mango Madness which is now my new favorite drink! Yes said his mom takes pictures for a living (she kept tellin us where to stand for the pictures). It seems she likes it when her son gets recognized. It was cool though cuz I had him all to myself! And at the end, he gave me a really nice tight hug. It was such a nice hug, not like sum oh here you go, but a real hug. He has such a nice body, I could tell. Soo yea, thatís bout it. I was happy for the rest ofthe night and couldn't sleep at all. I thought my life was soo complete after meetin him. But yea, now I have 5'7 and wallets of the polaroid of me n Yes plastered on my dorm wall. My roommate thinks God must hella luv me cuz it was really random that I met him and she knows how much Iím in luv w/ him. It was really the best thing that happened to me and I remember it fondly lookin back at the polaroid pics. ~AZENITH

Have you met any past or present RW/RR cast members? If so, send your sightings to me.

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