Yes (Road Rules Semester at Sea) was nice enough to conduct an interview for this site. Here's what he had to say:

1.Do you have a girlfriend?
I don't technically have a girlfriend right now, but I just broke up with my girlfriend from Semester at Sea. We mainly broke up because of distance. It's emotionally draining to keep a long distance relationship...and we can't really emotionally afford it right now.

2.What are you up to now?
I'm travelling as much as I can! I don't care if it's camping in the backyard, I just can't settle down in one place yet! After travelling with Semester at Sea, I just can't stop! I want to go to Latin America next month, or ride my motorcycle across the US soon. I'm going to use my RR money to travel abroad and see more exotic places and people. I learn so much from travelling and meeting foreign people, I love it! I've already made friendships that will never be forgotten, and definitely cherished forever.

3.What was your favorite mission and why?
My favorite mission was probably S.Africa. It was such an amazing cultural experience. Sure, I've read about Apartheid and the racism it thrives on, but there's no faces or personalities to TEXT. Going to SA and meeting kids my age that have been blatantly oppressed for most of their lives was truly overwhelming. Seeing wounds from attack dogs and stories of tear gas and gunfire. I just can't even begin to understand what they had been through and what their lives are like now! What was so beautiful about the whole thing is that these "poor" communites are very RICH socially. They shared a sense of unity and community that you don't see in the US. I gave a 3-year-old a lollipop---afraid that he might get beat up for it---and he shared it with all of his friends, and they shared it too. It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it and it was those types of great things that just kept on happening. These communities have so much strength,unselfishness and genuine hospitality despite decades of some of the most blatant oppression of the century. It was a heartwarming experience,and it's touched me for life.

4.What was your least favorite mission and why?
My least favorite mission was Vietnam......spending a WHOLE lot of money in the faces of poor, hardworking Vietnamese....that was hard and very insensitive. But you'll have to wait and see it.

5.Do you still keep in touch with the other 5 cast members?
We are still a little sick of each other right now, but we'll be closer in the future, because we shared something that was so special and unique together. Then again, we all live so far apart, it is very hard to keep in close touch anyway.

6.Who did you get along with the best out of the other 5 cast members?
Shawn....He is THE MAN! He is one of the most honorable and responsible guys that I have ever met. He is really funny too, but they don't really show it that much on the show.
The worst?
Ayanna is VERY hard to get along with, and that's all I will say. I can like her as a friend, but I don't ever want to live with her ever again.....and I'm not surprised if she would say the same about me. It's all good though....she's got a lot to her, and she's got a lot going for her.

7.Are you glad you did Road Rules, or would you rather have been on the Real World?
NO REAL WORLD! Road Rules is better! I don't EVER wish to be stuck in some ridiculously plush house with nothing to do but argue. It's like living the Jerry Springer show only in a nicer studio. I got a free trip around the world and that's all I wanted....I loved it.

8.Do you watch your episodes on TV?
I don't really watch them on TV, because I get tapes of them a few days before they come out, and I watch them then. When I DO see myself on TV, it's really weird.....but I don't watch TV much anyway.

9.Do you get recognized a lot?
It depends where I go. If I go to a concert, or the X Games or something, then I get recognized more because it's the MTV crowd...But I love it,and I love meeting people that I wouldn't normally meet. It's great.

10.Do the think the way you are portrayed on the show is the way you are in real life?
Not really, but then again, I don't think anyone could be portrayed in the perfect light when they're only shown for 22 min. per week. I didn't know they would make me the "partier that doesn't go to class and only cares about girls" guy. That's not really ME, but it is PART of me. I went to class A LOT and I did well. I also partied hard, but I studied hard just as well. I guess I can't complain least I'm not the argumentative guy or the alcoholic or something like that.

11.How has your life changed because of Road Rules?
Road Rules hasn't had a profound impact upon my life.....Yeah, I'm on TV, and whatever, but it was Sem. at Sea that changed me for life. Travelling to all those wonderful countries and meeting amazing people and cultures was something that I will never forget. I waste much less now, and I take much less for granted. I often think of my friends in Brazil, SA, and other places, and it makes me happy with what I have but also disgusted. I cried when I went out to an expensive dinner in Seattle because I cannot stop thinking of the families that we lived with, making 80 dollars per month, and working 6 days a week just to have food and possibly shelter. It's very troubling at times, for me to be here in America with my 100 dollar shoes and a big house and tons of STUFF we don't need. Sure in America, we don't have to SEE the rampant poverty throughout the world, but it's there. For me, it's my friends in SA, my friends in Brazil, and all the other hard-working wonderful people that welcomed us with warm hearts and open arms along our Journey. And I will never forget them or the inner beauty they possess. I just wish they could have the opportunity that we have. And I wish we had the understanding and unselfishness to help them and the rest of the world out.

12.Do you feel like your cast was ripped off by having Road Rules on Semester at Sea, or are you glad the show was on the boat?
Having other kids on the boat was the best thing that could have happened! I met so many wonderful people on that ship! I learned a lot from many other people on that ship too, and if it was just the 6 of us, not only would we all have gone crazy, but we would have had a worse experience because the other students at Sem. at Sea have so much to offer! All my closest friends on that ship weren't even from the show.

13.Where was the best place you visited on the trip? The worst?
SA, as I said before, was the greatest. Nothing was the worst, it ALL was truly amazing!

14.Would you do Road Rules again?
YES YES YES....but because of the travelling and the wonderful people we met...not because of living with 5 other completely different kids.

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