~One of the cast members has a fascination with midgets. He talks about them all the time, much to the annoyance of the cast and crew.
~There is a guy on the ship named Tate (people call him "Tater") who goes around the ship telling everyone how great he is and how he deserves to be on the show. I heard that one of the cast members got so annoyed at Tater that a fight broke out.
~There is a bar on the ship (only open for a few hours a day) that three of the cast members frequent and get as drunk as possible.
~Sometime during the season, Pua gets into a huge figh with Ayanna. It is not known yet what this fight is about. It seems odd that these two even get in a fight, because they seemed to have hit it off right away, and I am told that they are still close friends today
~I am hearing gossip that Ayanna lied during the casting process. I will tell you more when I know for sure. This rumor has been verified FALSE. The confusion arose because someone thought he/she heard Ayanna saying in the casting special that she had never been in close proximity of white people. She went to a mostly-white school, so that is why people thought she was lying. What she really said was that she had never lived in close proximity of white people.
~Some of the new missions include: participating in a photo safari, sky-diving, playing soccer w/ the World Cup team, performing in a circus, an archaelogical dig, and racing hot-air balloons.

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