Shawn-from Boston. Very talented. Starred in many high school musicals and never even tried a cigarette. Was addicted to children's Tylenol. Is an exhibitionist who likes to strip for his female friends.
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Veronica-from California. A self-described as a bitch who likes to hide her feelings. Has a very emotional side that few people see. Has never been faithful in a relatonship.
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Pawel-born in Poland, living in NYC. Is an aspiring photographer. His father left him when he was very young.
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Ayanna-from Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. A student at Howard University who has hardly ever been around white people.
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Yes-from California. A graffiti artist whose mom was a professional stripper. Plays saxophone in a ska band.
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Pua-from Hawaii. A tomboy who likes to surf and considers her boyfriend her best friend. Hopes to teach botany and environmental science to kids.
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