EPISODES 818-819

Episodes 818-819 (10/11)-Pua tries to get Veronica to confess to stealing her top, but Veronica vehemently denies all accusations and tries to get Pua to admit that she has a snooping problem. In the middle of the night, though, Veronica suddenly changes her tune, wakes Pua up, takes her to the girls' bathroom, and confesses that she did steal the top. But it gets better--Veronica wants Pua to lie for her and go along with a ridiculous story somewhere along the lines that her friend tried on the top and threw it in Veronica's closet. Pua feels she can't live a lie, so she confesses to the cameras what Veronica did and immediately feels guilty about doing so. So she tells Veronica she told on her, and then Veronica admits to Pua how she thinks she might have a problem, and how she bases worth on material things, etc., etc. Then Pua and Veronica try to put everything behind them since there's only a week left of the voyage. And we all know what that means...FINALS! The students are rushing to cram and turn in papers at the last minute, and the deans are rushing to yell at Yes again. They say he never goes to class or passes in papers, but he insists he does and vows to get all A's on his exams to show them up. Which he does, since he gets four A's on final papers and ends up with a pretty good final GPA, too. The rest of the gang ends up passing the program as well and graduating from Semester at Sea.
But enough about academics--on to the final misson! The Roadies were actualy assigned their final mission way back at the start of the program. The mission is to compose and perform a theme song for SAS. The rest of their music class got the same assignment, and whichever group has the best song wins tickets to the MTV Video Music Awards. The gang works hard on their song, even though they hardly ever agree on what to do. When it comes time to perform their song for the whole shipboard community, Pua is especially nervous, and Shawn and Pawel are especially upset, since the group right before the Road Rules group used the same kind of dancing in their act that the guys were secretly planning on performing. But the song went over well, even though the gang lost the mission. That doesn't mean they go home without their Handsome Rewards, though, which are new iMac computers with all the fixings. Pua thinks their reward is the best one in Road Rules history, and everyone else is equally happy.
Happy about the reward, that is. The gang is overall sad when it's time to leave. They all agree SAS is one of the best experiences in their lives, but everyone is just a little glad to be going home. Pua and Ayanna tearfully greet their families upon debarking the ship. Veronica reunites with her boyfriend, Jason, whom she says she's been faithful to throughout the journey, and for the first time in her life. Shawn is greeted by his friend, and Pawel by his brother, Adam. Yes goes off to meet Alyssa's family, since no one met him in Seattle. And so ends another year of Road Rules...

Wait a minute, you don't think BMP would just leave us hanging like that, do you? Fast forward to three months later, BMP Studios. The gang is reunited to talk about their trip and share their reactions. Pawel lets everyone know just how mad he really was at his fellow cast members for accusing him of putting on a facade throughout the trip. He says because they never really got to know him, he never really got to know them. Then Ayanna and Veronica make amends, when Ayanna thanks Veronica for talking to her about her dad and getting Ayanna to realize she needed to get in touch with him. Then Veronica gets all teary-eyed and tells Ayanna she considers her a true friend (what!?) who she feels she can always go to when she needs to talk, and she urges Ayanna to do the same. Finally, the cast truly realizes they are not just six people who went on an incredible journey around the world together--they are a family.

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