Episode 817 (10/4)-Veronica gets busted in this episode, leaving a few of the Roadies upset at her. Or perhaps upset is not a strong enough word. Ayanna blows up at Veronica when she takes a look at one of Veroica's papers and realizes it's strikingly similar to hers. Ayanna calls her on it, but Veronica vehemently denies cheating off of Ayanna. Ayanna then proceeds to scream at Veronica outside the room, in front of a captive audience. Veronica still insists the paper is all her work, so Ayanna tells her to slip it under the Dean's door. Veronica refuses, saying she doesn't need to prove anything to Ayanna, so Ayanna snatches the paper and delivers it to the Dean herself. The next day, the Dean takes a look at the two papers, finds them very close in context, and tells both girls to give them some fine-tuning before passing them in.
But the fun doesn't stop there, boys and girls. Pua is missing a shirt and doesn't know where it could be. She asks Veronica if she knows, and she says she doesn't. The next day, Pua decides to search Veronica's closet, and what does she find? Why, she finds her shirt, all folded up on the floor of the closet. She isn't sure if she wants to call Veronica on this, so Pua just decides to wear the shirt out and see what Veronica says. Pua is greeted by a look of shock from the culprit, and she eventually decides to sit down and have a chat with her good friend.
Oh, and of course there's a mission, but do you think BMP wants to waste our time with that? We're shown about all of two minutes of the gang operating a beauty salon on the ship and pocketing $2000 from it.

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