Episode 816 (9/27)-In this episode, the gang has to complete not one but TWO missions. The first is to write and do voiceovers for Japanese Anime (a type of cartoon) in Tokyo. Ayanna takes charge and insists on writing most of the script and voicing the title character. This makes Pua a little bit upset, and she feels left out and like none of her other cast members really know her. The gang struggles to get the cartoon done, constantly flubbing their lines while trying to do voiceovers, but they complete the mission successfully and the Anime premiers to an audience at a popular Tokyo nightclub.
Their next mission is to compete against some Japanese students at the Skidome, an indoor ski slope. Both Pua and Veronica have never skied before, and Pua dreads she'll be left out on this mission, too. There are three events in the competition, and the team that wins the most events gets cool ski equipment. The first event, the slalom, sees Pua falling on her face. The next event, the freestyle, is a little more successful. This event sees the gang sliding down the slope in whichever way possible. It also sees Ayanna falling on her face this time. The last event, the tandem slalom, has three heats. The competetors have to ski down the slope with a partner. Yes and Veronica face off against the Japanese first, then Pawel and Shawn go down successfully. It's all upto Ayanna and Pua to win for the team. Pua triumphs in the end, not only winning that heat with Ayanna and the game for the team, but also winning first place (with Ayanna) for the whole competition. Shwan put it best when he said, "How do you win first place your first time skiing? Ask Pua, and she'll tell you."

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