Episode 815 (9/20)-On this heartwarming episode, the gang discusses their sex lives, or lack thereof. Veronica and Shawn talk about how they are experiencing "dry spells"; Pawel talks about how he is straight, not bisexual like Veronica thinks he is; and Yes talks about how he only has sex with someone he loves and how he isn't sure if he loves Alissa yet, since he hasn't known her that long.
Not to bore anyone with all that sex talk, the gang gets their next mission: The have to perform in a Chinese opera in Shanghai. The only problem is that just before they received their mission they found out that the United States had just bombed the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia amidst the Kosovo bombings. Now, mostly everyone on the ship disregards this message, thinking that because they're on the ship they're safe. Attitudes change when the students get off the ship and enter Shanghai, full of angry Chinese protesting the bombings and the U.S. Still, the gang performs in the opera, but not without being afraid for their safety. Yes is extremely worried about Alissa, who is out wandering the unsafe streets of Shanghai with other S.A.S. students. Shawn and Veronica decide to lighten the mood, though, by mooning and flashing the camera, respectively.
When the opera is done, the Roadies are whisked back to the ship so that they won't have to experience any more of the mobs all around them. On the ship, Yes finds Alissa safe and sound, finally realizing that he does indeed love her.

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