Episode 814 (9/13)-Uh-oh! Some of the Road Rulers get busted, one of them more than the others. Veronica, Yes, and Ayanna get in trouble for skipping classes. Yes and Veronica apologize for their laziness and agree to make up all the work they've missed. Ayanna, on the other hand, refuses to ever go to her African History class again, having been offended by a remark the professor said one day in class. She has a talk with the dean and agrees to think things over. All three are only mildly reprimanded. But the punishments don't stop there--during a routine cabin search, Yes gets busted for having liquor in his possession. He admits to owning the liquor and is punished with 5 hours dock time (meaning he has to stay on the ship for 5 hours while everyone else gets to go out and explore) and alcohol counseling. He is afraid he'll have to miss the next mission, Dragon Boat racing in Hong Kong. There are two teams, the Blue Team, which includes Pawel, Veronica, and Pua; and the Yellow Team, including Yes, Shawn, and Ayanna. Each team is also made up of about 18 other SAS students, since it takes 20 people to row the boats (and a drummer to keep the rowers at pace). Speaking of drums, the MVP of the races wins a Chinese drum, something Pawel desperately wants. He tries his hardest to bring his team to victory, but the Yellow Team quickly wins two races. Pawel still comes out semi-victorious, when he is named MVP and takes home the drum. In the words of Veronica, Pawel is becoming a leader--finally.

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