Episode 813 (9/6)-While staying at a youth hostel in Vietnam, the gang gets their next clue. They have to go to the Christina Noble Children's Center, a facility that cares for children, most of whom have cerebral palsy. There, they meet Helenita, who shows them around and informs them that for their next mission, they have 12 hours to spend 12 million dong ($866 U.S.). The only catch is that they can't give the money away or buy anything, such as souvenirs and clothes. If they successfully complete the mission, the center gets a much needed 12 million dong. After seeing the suffering children, the gang (especially Pawel) is really eager to get out there and spend, spend, spend. The only problem is that they don't know where to start. After wandering around for a bit, they meet Spanky, a young guide willing to help them. First, they go out to lunch and rent a van to drive them around. Then, they want to get facials and massages and get their hair done. Spanky suggests a place that no one finds clean and expensive enough to use up a good amount of cash on. Ayanna feels they should go anyway, because the people running the salon need the money. After arguing, they decide to go somewhere else: the Armani Salon. Ayanna doesn't want to spend any money there, because she feels the people working there don't need their money. In the end, she gets a massage. Everyone else gets pampered (notice Yes's new 'do), and they spend 4 and a half million dong at the salon. Finally, they spend their final 4 and a half million dong at a restaurant, where they treat themselves and Spanky to champagne and other luxuries. The center gets the money, but Pawel still feels he needs to help the kids out more. When he learns his photography class will be selling some of the pictures they took during the trip, he decides to donate the money he makes to the center. He ends up making over $2,000 to donate.

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