Episode 812 (8/30)-Shawn has a new female friend named LaToya. He likes to spend time "just chillin'" with her, but she wants more. She does a sexy little dance with him at the SAS Talent Show, then later tells everyone he's her boyfriend. He doesn't like this, because he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now. Shawn relaizes the voyage has to end sometime, and he and LaToya live in different states. Plus, she's 23 and he's 19. Shawn tells LaToya how he feels, and by the end of the episode, they agree to be "just friends".
Mission-wise, the gang has to split up into teams of two to complete a "Day in the Life of Vietnam" race, which includes bringing food into town using three methods: first carrying the food, then transporting it by canoe, then by bicycle. The teams are Veronica and Yes, who come in first; Shawn and Pua, who come in second; and Pawel and Ayanna, who come in last, partly because Ayanna fell into the water, their bike broke, and they had to flag down a motorcycle to finish the race. After the race, they get another part of the mission: they have to buy 20 or so Vietnamese foods and then eat them. These delicacies include pig feet and chicken heads. Yum! Veronica and Yes come in first again, and win a Vietnamese chess set. Pua and Shawn come in second, and Pawel and Ayanna come in third.

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