Episode 810 (8/16)-As the episode opens, the gang is playing a rousing game of "Five Questions", in which each cast member has to answer 5 questions made up by the other cast members. Of course, all of the questions that were read on-air were about sex. Yes said how he only kissed/humped 4 girls on the ship. He also said how, at the beginning of the trip, he was most likely to go after Veronica. She agreed, but said now, if she were to sleep with one of the other 5, she'd sleep with PUA. Maybe that's why they're such good friends...
Anyways, their mission was to teach elephants how to paint. The boys' group and the girls' group had to have their elephants each paint 8 pictures. If each group's elephant did not paint the 8 pictures in the time requirement, then that group had to pay $25 for each remaining picture. All the money would supposedly go to help the elephants. Well, the elephant the girls had to teach was being sevevely abused by the trainer, so Pua got upset and refused to complete the mission. Everyone was okay with that, and they were also okay with the fact that they each had to pay $20 since the elephants didn't paint enough pictures. The cast was really dissatisfied with this mission, but Pua did learn something from it:Instead of joining the Peace Corps, she is now going to try to prevent elephant cruelty.

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