Episode 809 (8/9)-The war between Ayanna and everyone else slowly trickles down this week as Ayanna learns to control her emotions. She leaves the room for awhile and finally calms down. Then, the gang gets a mediator to come in so Ayanna and Veronica can talk, but still no goal is reached. The mediator tells to two to forgive and forget, which seems to work for right now.
It had better work, because the Roadies have just received their next mission. They have to solarize a temple and school in a poor Indian neighborhood. Pawel seems really up for this mission, praying that everyone can just get along and get the job done because these people really need light in their school. Well, the first day does not go well. Ayanna throws a hissy fit again, this time at Pawel, claiming he and everyone else doesn't listen to her ideas. Well maybe they would if she wasn't screaming and over-dramatizing everything all the time. Well, anyways, the whole gang gets yelled at for slacking, so they eventually work their butts off and solarize the buildings successfully. The Indian people are overjoyed, and they have a special ceremony for their new friends.
In the last few minutes of this episode, it seems Ayanna and Veronica have formed a common ground. Both of their fathers left them, it seems, and they connect by talking about their relationships (or lack, I should say) with their estranged dads.

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