Episode 808 (8/2)-It's a showdown between Ayanna and Veronica, and the whole gang becomes involved. It all starts when Pua picks up one of Ayanna's poems off the floor and shows it to Veronica. Veronica doesn't know its importance, so she throws it on the floor, prompting Ayanna to throw a book at Veronica's head. But that's only the beginning. Veronica starts to suspect Ayanna of practicing voodoo. Ayanna thoroughly denies this claim, but a few days later she gives Veronica even more reason to believe. Pua, Veronica, and their friend walk into their room, where they see one of the beds stripped down to the mattress, with holes it in, and matches all over it. Enter Ayanna, telling the three "It's your last chance". No, not suspicious at all. Hmmmmm. The girls tell a shipboard advisor, who talks to Ayanna about the matter. Ayannna does what any respectable hman being would do--she blames it on Veronica. She also writes and distributes an "Incident Report", telling the whole shipboard community basically how evil Veronica is. This prompts a group discussion. Pua asks Ayanna what the mattress incident was about, and she replies it's a spiritual thing. Shawn doesn't buy it, pointing out he saw her do the whole thing, and he was quite a bit freaked out. Then Pua and Ayanna get into more arguments. Ayuanna gets mad because Pua's not her close friend any more, and Pua wonders why she was told "It's your last chance". Ayanna says she didn't mean that in a bad way. Yeah right. Then Ayanna says she'll only talk to Veronica with a mediator present, and that it is nobody else's business what is going on. She then goes totally postal and gets into the much-hyped screaming match with Pua. Yes tries to intervene, but it's basically of no use. Roll the credits, this fight will be continued next week.

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