Episode 805 (7/12)-The Roadies are in South Africa, where they have to stay with host families for a few days to learn about the apartheid, which will lead to them giving a presentation to the whole ship on what they had learned from their stays. They are to give the presentation when they get back from their homestays. Pua and Veronica stay with a Muslim family, Ayanna and Yes stay with a black family, and Shawn and Pawel stay with a white family. Just a quick note--Shawm is the first black person to ever enter that family's house. This causes a little bit of tension between him and his host family. Ayanna, on the other hand, loves the family she is staying with because she says they make her feel like she is at her own house. This is a good thing, seeing all that happened with Ayanna's home life last week.
On another note, Ayanna gets a little bit mad when a South African student brought on the boat to teach the students about her country tells Ayanna and all the other black people on the ship that they can never call themselves African Americans because they were not born in Arica. What nerve!

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