EPISODES 801-802

Episodes 801-802(6/21)-As the show begins, we meet the young travelers as they get their first clue--to meet at Million Air Airport, where the should "Hold onto their lunch". They meet at the airport--Yes, then Veronica, then Shawn, then Pua, then Pawel, and finally, Ayanna; get stripped of their money and credit cards, and prepare for their first mission: Sky-diving. Pua and Ayanna are the most nervous, but all goes well and they arrive on Sandy Cay, a small island. They are told they have to build a raft that will take them four miles to Club Med, where they will stay the night before boarding the SS Universe Explorer, the Semester at Sea vessel. Pawel works the most on building the raft, since he had previuosly built and repared ships for a living. After the ship is built, the Roadies relax on the island and talk about their fathers.
The next day, they board their raft and reach Club Med, where they are joyously welcomed. Not so much as they are the next day, though, when the reach the SAS ship. They board the ship, register, and talk about how much they are looking forward to this trip.
The day after that, they receive an all-day lecture on their first stop, Havana, Cuba. Veronica chooses to leave this lecture early. This is because hearing about Cuba, the land her parents left long before she was born, makes her sad. It gets even worse when she goes to visit her grandmother and other relatives she has never met while in Cuba. She does this all after the Roadies next mission-to play softball with a very good Cuban team. They enjoy themselves, but lose 18-1. Yes is the star of the game, based more on his looks (hence the screaming Cuban girls) than his talent (although he's not that bad of a player, either).
After this mission, Veronica, as said above, has a tearful first-time meeting w/ relatives as she lets down her guard and shows her emotional side.

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