The Preview

Preview(6/14)-Piggy (Road Rules Australia) told MTV she wanted to host her own show someday. It looks like she got her lucky break. She had to travel to Hong Kong, where the Semester at Sea (SAS from now on) boat was docked. She had to find out the scoop on the new cast members and record her findings on 4 half-hour tapes. She searched the whole ship, but she could not find any cast members. She eventually snuck into their bedrooms and found bits and pieces out about each one. These clues were not enough. Then she found a clue to a mission involving Dragon Boats. She went to where the mission was being held and finally found the cast members. Just as she was about to expose them, the tape ran out and she had to go home to the states defeated. Back home, she devised a new way to tell America about the new cast: SHE knew who they were, so she drew pictures of the cast and told a short story about each person. The special concluded with about 30 seconds of footage from the new season.

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