Kaia-originally from Chicago, going to college in California. Described as the mother of the group. Likes to take her clothes off. Her real name is Margaret, but she went to Tanzania and came back with the name Kaia.
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Teck-from Atlana. Described as the player who makes friends with everyone. Wants to be a politician and is currently making a low-budget film.
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Amaya-from California. Described as the flirty blonde who had a serious relationship with another roomate. Battled bulimia in the past.
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Colin-also from California. Only one word to describe him--fratty. Had a serious relationship with another roomate. Can you guess who? Was originally rejected from the show, but was picked to be on after he hosted the casting special.
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Matt-also from California. Described as self-sacrificing to the extreme. Volunteers for the Big Brother program and writes screenplays. Likes to get into everybody's business and considers sex one of his favorite activities.
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Ruthie-from Honolulu. Is one of triplets who was adopted at age 3 after her mother left. A bisexual who had to leave the show early due to a drug problem, but later came back when she promised to stop using drugs.
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Justin-from Texas and Boston. Is gay and likes to participate in Gay Rights activities. "Came out" at age 14. Dropped out of high school at age 15 and enrolled in Simon's Rock College in MA (a college for child prodigies). Is now attending Harvard Law School.
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