~There have been rumors going around that David was kicked out of the house and a new roommate was found. These rumors are completely FALSE--David is still in the house, and the 'new roommate' turned out to be a cameraman.
~This year, the cast takes a vacation to South Africa, where they meet up with the Road Rules 9 Cast and compete against them in a mission.
~South Africa was not the first place the two casts met up--while passing through Louisiana, the Road Rulers stopped by the Real World house and had lunch with the cast.
~While in South Africa, the Real Worlders did a variety of things ranging from bungee jumping off a 400-foot bridge over Victoria Falls to getting in a boating accident on the Zambeze River (luckily, no one was really hurt).
~At least two of the cast members are extremely religious. One is a Mormon and the other is a very devout Catholic.
~Two cast members have their own websites. One has an online shop specializing in sporting goods and the other has a site that showcases his graphic design skills. I will try to put the addresses up once the show has finished taping.
~"Melissa is "dating" a local artist named Lionel Milton who had an art opening the evening of May 19th or 20th. The entire group was there for the filming. Lionel's artwork and website is at www.elleone.com" (Courtesy of Ann)
~The cast was supposed to be done filming on May 8 or 9, but they didn't leave until the end of May. (Also courtesy of Ann)

Some more info courtesy of Ann:
Just thought you might want to see this picture. The house is plain by New Orleans standards, but is fully lit at night and looks great then. If you go on a side street, you can see blue/purple neon tubing all along the top of one room upstairs. It is my understanding that neon is all over the house like that. UGH!! Also on a warm day in February the front door was wide open and about 40 feet to the end of the hallway is a "Circus bigtop/theatre curtain" looking painting or backdrop at the end. Place looks gaudy, you can see into the upstairs hallway from the street and there is heavy faux painting on the walls and an ugly painting!
Also I live nearby and have seen the crew stumble out of the house to film a guy sitting on the front steps (just like in the photo) while a female RW member ran out (in my imagination to confront him!). Last month a small BBQ pit was put on the front porch with about 6 plain rockers that some "tech"-I think-was painting with cow prints and wild colors and Mardi Gras beads (a la the 1980's style). On a few days before Easter, my cousin and I saw two men (one white and one black) in their 50's-60's sitting in the rockers while two crew members filmed them. We figured they were dads/family members visiting for Easter.
I spotted them all for Mardi Gras walking down the street behind me, one of the females had a platinum wig on. Then I hung out in front of the house surrounded by techies and they had put a chain link fence in front and I heard one of the techs say the weak link was on the side near the florist (also on the left side), I almost went to lean on it! About 3 miles away from the house I also saw one of the RW guys, or was it a tech?, decorating a van with lots of lights and a papier mache skull on the front grill. This was on the night of the first parade down St. Charles about 2 weeks before Mardi Gras day. Then a couple of hours later I saw the guy get out of the van with a very attractive tall blonde. They had parked in front of Lafayette Cemetery across from Commander's Palace (a fab restaurant) 2 blocks from the house. St. Charles was blocked off to traffic. I never saw the van decorated again.
The parking lot is on the right side with 3 look alike vans in black, taupe and grey-(I think)-with Michigan Manufacturer plates. There is always a cop there. There is a patio area with an outdoor ceiling fan behind a wooden fence on the left with lots of cameras aimed all over. There is a larger balcony on top of the patio area with a funky birdhouse on top.
A friend told me she was at F & M Patio Bar during the first week they were here and they were eating there all together (they took that suggestion from the article). The same friend knows a local camera guy on the crew and he said they got lost on my street and went up and down for 30 minutes and the camera guy couldn't tell them anything to straighten them out. He was cringing because they were only 6-10 blocks or so from the Belfort House.

Here is a picture of the house, also sent in by Ann

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