As of now, I do not know very much on the new cast members, but I will know much more by June, when taping ends. If you happen to know any information on the new cast members, let me know.

Clockwise from bottom left: Julie, Matt, Jamie, David, Kelly, Melissa, and Danny

Matt: He's from Georgia, has spiky blond hair, and from what I've heard, people call him Supafly. He loves the hip-hop culture and expresses himself through break dancing and graffiti.
"Matt attends Georgia Tech, is an Industrial Design major, works on the campus television station, and has a job as a peer advisor (glorified resident assistant in a freshmen dorm). He's a nice guy who I personally know...very artsy...goes by Superfly." ~Anonymous

Danny: He's also from Georgia. He studied foreign languages in college and is supposedly bisexual.
From Mark: "Danny gets back in two weeks, he's on vacation somewhere with someone. Beyond popular belief, Danny DID stay in touch with the gay community of Atlanta here, just not during the taping. My friend met him online about a year and a half ago, has pictures of them together, and had a few "fling-nights" with him. He's scheduled to call us as soon as he gets back. (me, I am not a part of the gay community, straight in fact) Also rumored, as Danny is legally not allowed to say anything about the show before it happens on air, as of contract and legal purposes of giving it away, Danny is not known as a very able person to stick with one person at a time, he also is rumored to have cheated on Paul during the season."
You can also check out an article on Danny here.

David: He's from Chicago, and he is very well-liked. He works out a lot and does not smoke or drink. I hear that he is also a very good singer. He is also physically similar to RW Hawaii's Teck. Okay, never mind that last sentence. Here is a correction I got from K N (thank you): "Sorry but David is no way physically fit like Teck. Teck is very skinny and David is very built. They look nothing alike. Yes they act alike but not look alike. All blacks do not look the same. I saw him clearly in New Orleans at the parade. He came by our crowd. He is cool."

Jamie: He is a graduate of Cornell University, and he runs a web-based business, Soul Gear with some friends. I have heard that he is an Abercrombie and Fitch model, but this information is not confirmed yet. Some info courtesy of 'RuthieRocks': "My cousin and I were talking at Christmas. We talked about the Real World and Road Rules. He had said that he had a friend who's brother was trying out for the show. Then he stated that he was in the finals and everyone in his town was posting pictures of him in grocery stores, etc. I do believe this guy is Jamie because then my cousin said that he was an 'Ambercrombie and Fitch' model."

Melissa: She has dark hair and wears glasses. My source tells me that she is also very friendly. She is determined to meet her "true love."

Kelly: She has blonde hair, and is supposedly very wild. She is dating a doctor, and is moving to New Orleans to be with him. (Thanks to Natalie for this info)
Some info from a source: "I went to junior high and high school with Kelley.... her last name is Limp. Kelley Limp was actually extremly prudish in high school. BUT she also has a real bitch DRAMA queen side to her. She always thinks the world is against her and she epitomizes the sorority queen type... ME ME ME ME. NEway, I thought you might want to know that Fayetteville, Arkansas is about to get represented in the WORST WAY. ...She lives here in town and had a GET TOGETHER viewing party the other night at one of the local eateries here in town. She thinks she is this big time celebrity.... yuck."

Julie: Also has blonde hair. She loves to sing and play the guitar. Before coming on the show, she was a Brigham-Young University student. She is very close to her family and strictly adheres to her Mormon beliefs.

Also, one of the male cast members is supposedly dating a Loyola student. Not much good info, I know. Look for much more info in the coming months.

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