If you know of any articles on the web or elsewhere about the new seasons of both shows (or about any other seasons), let me know.

The Real World: Theirs and Mine: from The Times--Picayune; a few details about the new RW cast
UGA Grad Receives Call to Get "Real": from The Red & Black ; about Danny, one of the new RW cast members
Delafield woman gets a taste of 'Real World': from The JS Online; about Julie, one of the new RW cast members
Unlikely path: BYU to MTV : from The Deseret News; another article about Julie
MTV Bends 'Rules' for Queasy Riders: from The New York Post Online; about the new season of Road Rules
'Survivor' Gets Real: from The Boston Herald; a short article about David from RW Seattle and Challenge 2000, and his thoughts on the new show "Survivor"
Just the Facts: from The Times--Picayune; a few facts about the RW house
Did MTV Stint Break BYU's Honor Code?: from The Salt Lake Tribune; yet another article about Julie
How Wild Will ‘Real' Kids Get?: from The New York Post; mainly about the first episode of the show
Getting Real in New Orleans: from MSN; a great article all about the new cast members, courtesy of Ann
'Real World' House Goes Up In Flames: from The San Francisco Examiner; about a recent fire in the RW San Francisco house, courtesy of Jay
When the Mansion's Rockin', Don't Come Knockin': from E! Online; about the new cast
Reality Shows Face Off: from The Chicago Sun-Times; a comparison between the Real World and Survivor, courtesy of RuthieRocks

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