As of now, I don't have a lot of info on the new cast members, but look for more soon. If you know anything about any one of them, drop me a line.

Laterrian: He's from North Carolina and supposedly very quiet. He says there are two sides to him--Latterian, the nice quiet guy; and "T", the player.

Holly: She's from Northern California and will try anything once.

M'Saada: She's from South Central Los Angeles, and is very proud of that.

James: He's from California and seems to have had a very tough life. From an anonymous source: "James- from RR9 goes to UCB and is a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity here. He is a part of this frat which is called the "rugby frat" because most of the rugby team are members. He is very popular with the ladies, but doesn't have a bad reputation."
From another anonymous source: "James has a girlfriend, Missy, and he is very devoted to her...she seems to love James with all her heart (they've been together since December of 1998). He told her up front before he went on the show that he might have some temptation, but he would not give in. They are still together today, and they still hang all over each other like they did when they first met. He is very energetic and he is a very fun-loving guy. He is the most liked between his and Missy's friends."

Katheryn: She's from Oregon. She grew up on a cherry farm and is currently a student at Cornell University.

Theo: He's from Mandeville, Louisiana. He is currently going to LSU and majoring in Mass Communications. He was known throughout high school for his excellent poetry.

Theo was voted "Most Talented Male" in high school because of his poetry.

Here he is reading a poem at a Homecoming Pep Rally.

His Senior Class Picture and Quote.

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