It's that time again--time for a Face-Off between the Real World and Road Rules casts. They meet in South Africa to compete in the Tribal Games, and things get heated.
Part of this is due to the lack of team unity between the Road Rulers. Tension is high, but they realize that they can't let the wimps from the Real World beat them at their own game. So they band together temporarily to defeat their arch-rivals.
There are three competitions--the Tribal Dance, in which the men have to dance like animals and the women have to shake their bodies as much as they can (Real World wins); the worm-eating contest (Road Rules Wins, 35 worms to 1), which proves just how 'tough' the Real Worlders are; and the Circle of Death, in which two men and two women from each team face off with someone from the opposite team and try to knock their opponent out of the ring. Laterrian defeats David in the last round to win the whole Tribal Games for his team. David is crushed (he hates to lose, what a surprise), but the Roadies have renewed faith in themselves and each other. All is still amicable between the two teams, though, as they celebrate with, what else, a ritual skinny dip in a nearby lake.

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