Of course when a Road Rules cast travels to another country, one of their missions has to intorduce a local culture. This episode's mission does just that, much to the dismay of Theo and Laterrian.
The gang learns that they will become traditional healers by going through a difficult initiation. Anyone who feels they do not want to participate in this ceremony is asked to say so right away, but everyone agrees to participate. That is, until the part where animals are sacrificed for their ancestors. Theo and Laterrian just do not agree with this part of the ceremony due to their religious/personal beliefs, so they bow out. The healer who is conducting the ceremony does not seem to mind, but the other Road Rulers do. They get upset with Theo and Laterrian, who go off on their own and visit a waterfall, which they decide to be much better than watching animal sacrifices.
For the people who do participate, James, Msaada, Holly, and Kathryn, the ceremony is great, except for the sacrificing of the animals. All agree it is hard to watch, but it's part of the tribe's culture, and the animals are going to feed a lot of people, so they bear with it. After that, they become traditional healers and have the power to read bones (think tarot cards, in a way). They feel honored to have participated in this experience, and are upset that Theo and Laterrian missed out. But Laterrian and Theo defend their beliefs, which causes some unneeded tension among the group.

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