Things get heated between the gang in South Africa, their next destination. As soon as they step foot in the airport, James and Theo disappear for two hours without telling anyone. As the other four are about to leave the airport and let James and Theo find their own way to the hotel, they show up, drunk and without any apologies. On the drive to the hotel, Msaada and the girls demand an explanation, but James and Theo don't offer one. The only thing James has to say is how he is fed up with Msaada and hates how she doesn't talk about herself or contribute anything to the group dynamic. She and James get into a screaming match while she is driving, which in turn gets everyone upset. Things don't get any better at the hotel, as the guys secretly plan to 'secede from the union' and form their own group.
For their next mission, though, working together is crucial: they have to be the crew for a shark hunting expedition. The sharks involved are Great Whites, and this mission, if not performed properly, could be deadly. Everyone has to go underwater in a cage and observe the sharks. Although risky, this part of the mission goes off fine. So does feeding the sharks. But the last part of the mission, tagging the sharks, does not work out, and Laterrian blames himself. Still, the gang gets money for their work, which is given to Msaada, the group treasurer.
After much deliberation, this makes the guys upset--they think the girls are taking their money and spending it on frivilous things, like a barbecue. James calls them out for it, and he and Msaada get into another big argument. After much yelling and a few tears, they work things out, and James starts to appreciate her and her quality to see the deeper side of him. Thanks to them, the group unity is somewhat restored for now.

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