James is getting frustrated with his fellow travel mates, and the confinement to the Shasta overnight is not helping him at all. He is especially getting annoyed with Holly. He tells Theo that if it wasn't for the money and the missions, he wouldn't be on the show. Now, I thought that people auditioned for the show for those two reasons, not to make friends for life, but maybe James knows something I don't.
But James has to put away his frustrations for awhile, because the Road Rulers have to participate in their next mission, a Face-Off against six Georgia Fraternity and Sorority members (a.k.a. the Greeks). This Face-Off involves Monster Trucks and the winning team gets $6,000.
The first event, worth 100 points, is an obstacle course that involves rolling a huge monster truck tire and climbing up a greased wall, among other things. The Greeks win this event, and the Roadies, led by James, are determined not to lose another event and let the Greeks walk away with their money. Kathryn and Theo win the next two events, each worth 50 points, and tie things up.
It all comes down to James to win it for the Road Rulers in the last event, the Monster Truck race. There is a course set up, one half really bumpy, the other half a straightaway. Whoever gets the fastest time (either James or the Greek) wins. The Greek goes first and gets a really slow time. Everyone boos. James knows this is his chance to shine, so he goes full speed ahead and barrels through the course. Not only does he win the event, he also ruins the brand new truck he's in by going too fast, even thought he ref told him to just keep his foot on the gas and go.
After much deliberation, James gets disqualified and the Greeks win the Face-Off. Holly surprises everyone by defending James, but the ruling stands. James, upset with winning the silver medal and losing the money, gives his medal to a kid in the audience. Well, at least he made a little kid's day.

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