In this episode, Kathryn must confront her biggest fear. No, not that, silly--her fear of flying. The gang travels to Theo's home state of Louisiana (again?) where they learn they will be flying powerchutes, kind of like go-carts with parachutes attached that fly in the air. Once up in the powerchutes, they must drop paint-filled balloons on to targets below. The person who gets the most points wins a special prize, and if everyone completes the mission, they all get their coins.
James goes first, followed by Laterrian, and although afraid, they each score 80 points. Kathryn must go next, even though she is deathly afraid. The instructor assures her that they will keep in radio contact the whole time, and that he has never lost contact with anyone up in a powerchute before. Well, there's a first time for everything, and Kathryn's radio does not seem to work, so she must fly the chute alone. She keeps her fear bottled up inside her and earns 80 points. She also flies and lands the chute almost perfectly.
Msaada eventually wins the event, scoring two bullseyes, but everyone finishes the mission unharmed. Theo even makes a game out of it and drops his balloons on his fellow cast members.
Speaking of Theo, since he is back in his hometown, he decides to see his girlfriend, Mandy. She is very good to him, but he finds it hard to stay faithful. When he sees her, he realizes how much they care for each other and he decides to shape up.

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