The Kathryn/Laterrian situation seems to be getting out of control--everyone is accusing her of being a liar, and Kathryn can't take it anymore, so she decides she wants to leave the show and go home. But she has to stick it out for one more mission at least, against some formidable foes--the Playboy Extreme Team, six Playboy Centerfolds who play extreme sports. They meet at Florida Atlantic University, and find out their mission is a synchronized swimming contest, with the winning team taking home $12,000.
The Bunnies have no trouble rehearsing their routine, but tensions on the Road Rules side are running high. It seems the Kathryn/Laterrian thing is tearing the whole team apart, and they can't seem to work together without blowing up at each other. So after a grueling day of practice, the Road Rulers go back to their hotel room and have a talk about what is going on. Kathryn and Laterrian are forced to admit everything that happened between them in the bathroom (she led him on, but no sex) and Kathryn had to come to terms with the fact that she cared too much about what other people thought about her and that was why she got so upset.
So Kathryn decides to stay on the show and the next day the Road Rulers band together to beat the Playboy Extreme Team and win the $12,000. Everything is peaceful once again.

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