Kathryn's boyfriend Reed comes to visit her just in time for Valentine's Day, but it seems she is already someone else's Valentine. Not that she'll let Reed know or anything, but a few days prior to his visit, she and Laterrian were caught fooling around in a restaurant bathroom. Neither admit to it until later, when Laterrian turns against Kathryn because he can't live with the guilt any more. She, on the other hand, tells the other Roadies to mind their own business as she goes off for a romantic evening with Reed whom she loves very much and is faithful to and wants to marry. Poor Reed, I wish him luck.
Reed leaves just in time, and the gang is given their next mission. They show up at a house and are told they have to babysit a set of twins for 24 hours while the parents take a mini-vacation. No guests are allowed, but some friends of the parents might stop by to drop off a few things. Well, the friends show up and drop off more than a few things: five more sets of twins are left in the care of the Road Rulers. The twins are around 2-4 years old, and the gang flips out because they don't know how they can possibly care for twelve kids for 24 hours. Amateurs. I say this because I am a camp counselor, there are four other counselors in my group, and we watch twice as many 4-5 year-olds every weekday for 7 hours. It's not that hard, so I don't know what they are complaining about. But, when the parents come to pick up their kids everything is fine and the gang walks off with $1,100 for their "hard work." {scoff} Over-paid Amateurs.

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