Kathryn misses her boyfriend back home, Reed, a lot. Luckily, Laterrian is there to help her get through this tough time. It seems these two have been getting awful close lately, but both claim they are 'just friends.' Sure, we've heard that one before.
But these two have to put whatever they have aside and work hard to complete their next mission. Around 6:00 one morning, in a small Georgia town, a bunch of police officers knock on the Shasta, awakens the gang, handcuffs them, and tells them that in their next mission, they are fugitives on the run from the law. They are taken to the police station, given cool prison uniforms, and then led to the sight where they are to be "released." Each pair (Laterrian and Kathryn, James and Holly, and Theo and Msaada) is attatched at the legs and arms and given a map and two hours to reach the safe point to complete the mission. If a team is tagged by a police officer of detected by police dogs, they are out. But if just one team makes it to the safe point, everyone gets their $6,000 coins.
This mission is not easy. James and Holly are the first to be captured, followed by Theo and Msaada, who get caught only a few yards from the safe point. So it's up to the Lovebirds to win the mission, but first they have to stop to take off their prison uniforms for one reason or another. While they are doing this, they are caught (and in a very compromising position, might I add), and the Roadies walk away with no coins and very glum attitudes.

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