The gang travels to Theo's home state of Louisiana, where they meet Sloan, a participant of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As a participant of the Foundation, Sloan, whose cancer is now in remission, gets to participate in a Road Rules mission. He informs the gang that they will be sneaking into the Real World house and stealing their pet dog. They will have to take the dog without getting caught, photograph it in front of two locations, and mail the pictures to the Real World house by 8:00 that night. At first, the gang is nervous because they are afraid the dog will be big. But when Sloan, his mother, a lady from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Theo, and Msaada check out the house (They say that Sloan's wish from the Foundation is to go into the Real World house and Theo and Msaada are his friends) and find out the dog, Shorty, is electronic, all worries are eased and the gang knows they can pull this mission off.
Sloan convinces the Real Worlders to go out to lunch with him, while Laterrian and James sneak into the house and steal the dog. They leave a box for the Real Worlders that contains info on how to get their dog back.
After this is done and everyone meets back at the Shasta, they go to take pictures of the dog. The first picture is at a house that looks like a wedding cake. The second is with Mike the Tiger, LSU's mascot. The real Mike is sleepy by the time the Roadies reach him, so they have to settle with taking a picture with Mike the Mascot. After this is done, they mail the pictures to the Real Worlders and collect their six-thousand dollar coins.
Over at the Real World house, it is discovered that the Road Rulers stole Shorty, and everyone is rightfully pissed. All seven of them vow to get the Roadies (and their dog) back.

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