It's the day of the Big Face-Off, and both teams are determined to win. The first event is the bobsled, with Laterrian and James going against Dot-Commers Valeri and Shanta. The Road Rulers win this event, but are not as successful in the next two events, the Skeleton Sled and Ski Jump. Theo and Kathryn do the ski jump, and Theo falls during his jump, losing this event fot his team. But he tried his best, so there are no hard feelings. Holly and Msaada compete in the Skeleton Sled, but Holly's last run costs them the game when she gets off to a rough start. This gets her very upset and she refuses to talk to anyone until the last event of the day, Speed Skating.
The final event, worth 3 points, determines which team walks with the money. After their defeat earlier in the day, the Roadies hope the spring back with a triumphant victory. This last event involves them all working together in a relay race, so everyone has to pitch in. They try their hardest and end up winning the event and the money. After a short reign, the Dot-Communist society has finally fallen.

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