This week, we meet a brand new cast member. His name it "T," and he is Laterrian's alter-ego. T is a player and just wants one thing in life, and it is not the $100,000 handsome reward. Laterrian hopes that T will not be making too many appearances this season, but after this episode, we'll see about that.
The gang meets Olympic gold-medalist Picabo Street in Utah, where they learn that they will be competing against six people chosen online in their first face-off. These lucky winners of the contest (also known as the Dot-Commers) do not get along with the Road Rulers at all (or at least not during the day time, but more on that later), especially Holly. Surprise, surprise.
There will be four winter sport challenges in the face-off, and whoever wins the most walks with the money. Of course the Road Rulers are desperate to win, but the odds are not looking so good because Holly and Kathryn are the only ones who have ever seen snow before. The others, in my opinion, are the lucky ones because they do not have to deal with unwelcomed snowstorms almost every day during the winter like we do here in the Northeast. But they all try their best during the practices, and Holly even hurts her bad knee while ski-jumping because she doesn't want to be a quitter.
When it's time to pick who will be competing in what event, Theo argues that he wants to do the ski-jump, but Holly suggests he do another event because every time he jumps, he falls. Then all the boys get angry at Holly for being so dominating, and the scene turns to chaos. Obviously, the Dot-Commers are loving this, because they feel Holly is the weak link of her team, and anything bad that happens to her is their personal gain. But don't think those Dot-Commers have no hearts--one of the girls feels it is her personal responsibility to give Laterrian, I mean T, a tour of the cottage they are staying in and make him feel welcome, if you know what I mean.
Next week, we will see what happens during this competition, and judging from the previews, I wouldn't put my money on the Road Rulers.

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