Some news on the 13th season of the Real World, courtesy of an anonymous source:
"I thought the 13th season was in Key West Florida and that was one of their choices, but they (Bunim-Murray) finally decided on Atlanta, Georgia FOR SURE! No lie! It starts filming in 2003 so we won't see it for a while."

Some info on RW Seattle's Stephen, courtesy of Daniel Green at The Smoking Gun:
"Stephen Williams from "Real World" Seattle was just busted in Los Angeles for swiping a car and, in a far more interesting criminal twist, has a separate arrest warrant pending for failing to appear in court to answer misdemeanor charges stemming from his arrest last year for, of all things, prostitution. I thought you might want to let your readers know." The material is at:

Some news of the newest season of Road Rules, from three anonymous sources:
"The new Road Rules cast was at the University of Alabama (3/11) filming a mission for the new season that is airing in June. They had to stand on poles for 3 hrs while people threw food at them."
"On Feb 26, 2002 The New Road Rules cast for Season 11 was at the University of South Carolina to do a mission! I got to meet 3 of the cast members and talk to them! I saw all of them in person, but I was very excited when I actually got to talk to them! They even asked me to come out with them later that night! I got my picture taken with the bus, and the horns, and all! It was WONDERFUL!!!! A few days before, the cast had been to Appalachain State University in North Carolina, and after they left South Carolina they were headed to another university in SC!"
"The 11th Season of the Road Rules was shooting at my college today at Appalachain State University. Apparently this will be the first mission for the new season. Their challenge was to swim in a frozen winter pond and to walk across a cable wire in the air connecting two dorms. Apparently this season the Road Rulers go on a college invasion and travel all over the US hitting up some of America's Colleges."

Some more info, courtesy of Josh, on the newest RW/RR Challenge:
"This challenge is probably the last one, that's why they put alot of cast members on it. But there is a SLIGHT chance a 5th installment may be made..who knows?"

First off, go to the Sightings page for some info on the newest season of the Real World, which will begin taping soon in Las Vegas. Some more info on that season, courtesy of an Josh: This time, the roomies will be living in a hotel, in the penthouse suite.
After the LV Season, the next season of the Real World is rumored to be filmed in Key West, Florida. No word yet if it will be filmed in the summer like Chicago (the first episode of that season airs on January 15).

This info was sent to me in a e-mail, regarding the new season of the RW/RR Challenge:
" Enterprises Inc. (OTCBB: TMBT) is pleased to announce that further to its press release of September 17, 2001 production of the hit television show "The Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Seasons Challenge!" has completed and the season premiere is scheduled to air January 28, 2002. One of the most watched shows on MTV, The Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Seasons has been one of the more popular series on MTV since it first aired 3 seasons ago. Timebeat4teens has committed to sponsor one of 10 shows each of which will be aired eight times throughout the season and will be broadcast as reruns throughout the world. The Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Seasons show is broadcast to over 70 million households in the U.S. reaching 71% of the nation's population. Internationally MTV is broadcast to over 342 million households on its 16 stations in 140 countries. The Real World website ( currently receives 25,000 hits per day, 6,000 of which are from unique users. will be initiating radio advertising in the Metro New York area and Florida in early January as part of the sponsorship program. The first radio stations to begin airing advertisements and associated contest promotions are 97.1fm in New York and the Jefferson Pilot stations in Florida. The link between the Timebeat4teens website and the MTV website should be operational in the first week of January. Timebeat4teens has secured over 10 sponsors for the MTV promotion that will include the Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Seasons program as well as associated radio promotions. Prizes to be given away include watches and digital cameras. Sponsors will be announced shortly. Thomas Crom, chairman of Timebeat commented, "This is an exceptional opportunity for to secure recognition of our company and its products from the millions of Generation Y and Generation X consumers we are actively targeting. The Real World and Road Rules shows have an incredible following that we expect will have a pronounced impact on our sites traffic and sales numbers."
About is a dynamic Internet company focused on the design and operation of interactive web sites in growing markets. Timebeat with its newest website at targets the Generation X and Generation Y consumers. Generation X consists of 45 million computer literate consumers between the ages of 21 and 35 with $125 billion in purchasing power. Generation Y consists of approximately 60 million consumers between the ages of 10 and 24 who are the first generation to grow up using the Internet as a primary medium for information, entertainment, communication and shopping. Generation Y is growing 19.5% faster than the overall U.S. population and accounts for more than $250 billion of annual disposable income. Jupiter Communications (Jupiter) projects that e-commerce sales to Generation Y consumers will grow from $600 million in 1998 to $3.8 billion in 2002."

Alright, I know, I know--I haven't updated this site in almost a year. And I apologize for that. During the year, I was so busy with school, and then during the summer I worked 40 hours a week, so that left virtually no time to keep up my site. I really do want to continue updating, and hopefully now I can do so more than once a year! I have received all your sightings, and I hope to have some if not all of them up soon. Also, a lot of you have been emailing me about how to get on the show. Go to the FAQ page, all the info is right there. If you have any questions or anything like that, as always feel free to email me. Hopefully I will have more news and updates soon!

Some RW news courtesy of Becky: "On CNN this morning they were talking about how Survivor apparently is not at this time a good choice for syndication like many reality based shows. However, MTV has decided to put the Real World into syndication in October. I was curious so I e-mailed the Bunim-Murray site. They quickly responded that all of this information will be listed on: on Sept. 11th."

I really apologize for not getting this week's RW summary up. I will try to get it up by Tuesday. Also, I will be away most of this week, so both the RW and RR summaries probably won't be up until Sunday. Again, I apologize for this, but the summaries should be up on time next week.

It seems that Danny is one of the most popular RW cast members this season. Well, now he has his own website, which you can check out here. (Thanks to Mike for sending in the link.)
Also, the RW/RR Challenge 2001 is currently taping. I will have tons of info up on that within the next week.

I just put up this week's RW summary (a little late, I know), and a new sighting. Besides that, I have a few links worth checking out.
A lot of people have been asking me if any cast members have websites, and I feel there are two worth checking out. The first is a website about Danny. It's not his own personal site, just a fan site, but it's worth looking at for all you Danny fans. Go here to check it out.
As for the other site, it is, Matt's personal web site. I highly recommend it, it is an excellent site, but let it be known that it is very personal and not just about the Real World, but about Matt's life before and after the show.
Lastly, I am very happy to say that my site is linked in an article from a major online website. You can find the article here.

First off, I really apologize for not updating the RW summaries right away. I just started a new job on Monday, and things have been pretty hectic. I just put the summary up, so check that out. And I am going to apologize again in advance because next week's RW summary will probably not be up on Wednesday either--it's Bowling Night at work. But I hope to have it up on Thursday, and the RR summary should be up on Tuesday as usual.
Lastly, either today or tomorrow, I will be adding a new interview. The interview is with Jon Kaplan, lead singer of the band Bicycle Thieves. His band had a song featured on an episode of the Real World a few weeks ago, and in the interview, he talks about getting his song on the show among other things.

The cast of RW New Orleans is on the cover of the new issue of TV Guide, and there is also a big article on them with lots of info about the new season.
And it seems that the Julie/BYU situation is really starting to heat up. I have heard that she did in fact get kicked out of school, but on Entertainment Tonight last night, they said she was still allowed to go to school there. She was not interviewed, but they did interview other BYU students who all thought she should get kicked out for breaking the school's rule about rooming with members of the opposite sex. But we shall know the true story when Julie herself is interviewed by Entertainment Tonight later this week.

I just changed the links page--instead of having a separate page for RR links and a separate page for RW links, I compressed them all into one page.
Also, school's out, and I don't start work until the 26, so if there are going to be any major changes made to this site, they will be between now and the 26. But as always, look for episode summaries up the day after the episode airs, and news as soon as I find out about it.
Lastly, the Real World premieres this Tuesday, June 13, at 10. And the date for the Road Rules premiere has been changed AGAIN--this time to Monday, June 19, also at 10.

I just updated the Articles section--I added a few links to articles and typed up an article I found in a local newspaper about RW Seattle's David. And now the Articles section will contain articles about anything relating to either shows, instead of just RW New Orleans.
Speaking of articles, there is a big article on the Real World in this week's TV Guide. It gives the results of an online poll about RW cast members. The results are pretty interesting, so make sure to check that out. If I get a chance, I might post it sometime in the near future.
Lastly, the Real World Casting Special airs this Tuesday at 10 p.m., so be sure to watch! A summary will hopefully be up the next day.

I just added some exclusive pictures and info on Theo, one of the new Road Rules cast members, that were sent to me by an anonymous source (whom I thank very much). These pictures can be found nowhere else online that I know of, so enjoy.

Okay, sorry for the lack of updates. The new seasons of both shows start very soon (June 12 and 13, I believe, with the Casting Special airing on June 6), so look for a lot more updates. I just added some more info on the new RW cast that was sent in to me. You can find this info and more about the cast in the new issue of Twist magazine.

On Monday, Teck and Kat were guests on Dr. Drew's (you know, the guy from Loveline) online show. Click here to find out more about both of them and watch the show.

Here is a correction: The Real World Reunion will now be airing on Saturday, May 6 at 2 p.m. on MTV. Sorry for the confusion, I guess MTV just recently changed the date.

I just added a new section on RW New Orleans Gossip like I promised. I'm going away again in a few hours, so the soonest I will update again is Saturday night. I'll try to update as soon as I receive any more news.
I also just found out when the new seasons will start and also when the Real World Reunion will air: The Reunion airs Monday, May 22 at 10 p.m., and the new seasons of RR and RW begin airing on June 12 and 13, respectively. The annual Casting Special airs the week before, on June 6. They all air at 10 p.m. on MTV. But remember, MTV changes air dates a lot, so these dates are subject to change. I'll be sure to keep you updated, though.

Well, I am back from my vacation, very tired, and very sunburned. But, that will not keep me from updating like I promised. I just put up some new info on cast members from both the new seasons of Real World and Road Rules, courtesy of 'Ruthie Rocks' (whom I thank very much for the info), and I will have a Gossip section up for the new RW hopefully tomorrow.

I know, I know--this section has not been updated for awhile, but there has not been too much (if any) news to report lately. And this update isn't even a good one either. I'm just letting you guys know I will be on vacation for a week, starting tomorrow, so my site will not be updated for awhile, and if you e-mail me, don't worry if I don't e-mail you back right away. If I update this site at all within the next week, it will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. I do plan on adding another section real soon, so look for that. It will definitely be up by the end of the month, I promise. Well, feel free to e-mail me so that I have something to look forward to after my vacation, and I'll try to update again as soon as I can.

Apparently, there will be no new episode of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge 2000 on at 10:00 tonight, because MTV feels the need to air "Spring Break Undercover" or something like that for the thousandth time. As far as I know, though, a new episode will air next Monday at 10.

The new season of Road Rules wraps taping pretty soon--the kids just got back from South Africa, where they were competing against the new cast of the Real World in a mission. The Real Worlders will be back in New Orleans soon from their trip to South Africa, and that show continues taping until May.

David (RW Seattle and Challenge 2000), Jason (RW Boston and the first RW/RR Challenge), and Glen (RW LA) are all working on a new project, a movie called "The Private Public." The film's website says it is "an independent film about the power of documentary." Production starts on April 29 in Ames, Iowa, and ends around May 26. Look for the movie to be out sometime this fall.

Sometime within the next few weeks, the second Real World Reunion will be taping at an undicslosed location. Look for the Reunion to air in June and feature the casts of Real Worlds Miami through Hawaii.

I just added a FAQ section to answer a few of the questions I get asked a lot. If you want to ask me a question not asked in that section (or if you have any questions on those questions), let me know.
Also, has anyone been noticing how much cast members from RW Hawaii have been turning up on MTV lately? First Kaia was a judge on Say What? Karaoke, then Teck, now Ruthie. And just a few minutes ago, Teck was hosting MTV Jams. I can't wait to see how much overexposure this year's cast gets. Those poor kids....

Okay, I know this section hasn't been updated in a very long time, and I apologize for that. This update is just to let you guys know that sometime this week (I can't guarantee when, probably Saturday, but maybe even tomorrow) there will be a lot of updates on this site and two new pages will be added with info on the new Real World and Road Rules cast members. So stay tuned!

I just received some info about the new Real World house in New Orleans from an anonymous source. The source tells me the house is white and in the Garden District next to a flower shop. Construction has been going on for the last few weeks and the cast moved in this weekend. There has been a New Orleans Police Officer stationed outside the house for the past week or so, due to numerous curious onlookers gathering outside the house in this heavily trafficked area. That's all I know now (Thank you to my source), but when I find out more, I'll let you know. If you have any information on the house/cast/anything else to do with either show, drop me a line.

The ninth season of The Real World just started taping yesterday in New Orleans. To read an article on one of the new cast members, click here. If you happen to live in New Orleans and know any information on any of the new cast members, or if the Road Rules gang has passed through your town, email me.

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge 2000 kicks off tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern. Be sure to check it out and watch for the chemistry between Amaya and Veronica (how much of their catfights will be shown is anyone's guess) and Piggy and David (yes, there will be a hookup sometime this season between these two).
Also, the ninth season of Road Rules started taping this weekend in the Southwest. This season the gang will be traveling to various colleges across the country, not just the South as previously reported. Look for them to possibly stop somewhere near you up until about mid-June.
Finally, in site news, look for both a summary of tonight's Challenge premiere and a new Sightings page up tomorrow.

Okay, a few things worth mentioning today. First off, there will not be a Challenge Preview Special tonight, at least according to every single TV schedule I checked, including the one on But there is a preview of the Challenge online, at Bunim-Murray's site and at MTV's Challenge site. Bunim-Murray's site already has info up, and MTV's Challenge site should be up and running later on today.
Next, Colin (RW Hawaii) was recently named one of E!Online's "16 Sizzling Guys of 2000." You can check out the article here.
Lastly, I have heard that filming of The Real World 9: New Orleans just recently started. A local newspaper, the "New Orleans City Business", wrote an article about the house and area where the show will be filmed. Go here to check it out.

As we all know, the Challenge starts January 17 at 10:00 p.m. Well, MTV is also airing a special "Challenge Preview" this Monday, January 10, at 10:00 p.m. We all know how informing the SAS special was, so be sure to tune in. (Note the hint of sarcasm there, folks)


As we all know, the Challenge 2000 begins on January 17. But starting January 10, MTV's Challenge site gives everyone a sneak preview of the casts and missions. So be sure to check that out.
MTV also has a Real World Site which includes a Real World Personality Test to see which cast member you are most like. I took it and ended up being most like Colin. Hey, at least I didn't end up most like Ruthie or Justin!

First off, I hope that everybody had a great holiday.
Secondly, I finally have some decent news! Yes (RR SAS) is working on a new project with four of his friends in which they travel around the world and help people out. You can check out the project at their website here.
Also, the Challenge is set to premiere on January 17, not the 24 as previously reported.

Again, sorry for the lack of updates. It's kind of the off season for RW/RR news, but plan on seeing more updates in the coming weeks for two reasons: The Challenge starts airing in less than a month, and this week, the new casts of the Real World and Road Rules were chosen. Congratulations to those who were selected! I think both shows start taping sometime in January, and I'll let you know when I find out who the new cast members are, etc.
Lastly, I hope everyone has a great holiday and a Happy New Year if I don't update the site in the next week!

I have been informed that the link I provided on Friday for the Colin Fan Club was incorrect. Here is the correct link. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Wow! I think I just set the world record for Longest Time Without Updating! Sorry for the lack of updates, but in the past few weeks, absolutely nothing new that's RW/RR-related has happened. But, thanks to, I found out that Colin (RW Hawaii) has a new book coming out. It's called "Teen Love: A Journal On Realtionships" and it's by the same lady who wrote the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series. Also for you Colin fans, there is now a Colin fan club! click here to join.
Sorry again for the massive inactivity on this site! I hope to have something else to update you about real soon.

Yesterday, Teck, Ruthie, Kaia, and Justin were on MTV's Total Request Live. They didn't really say much, but Justin did let everyone know that he now enjoys walking around the house naked. Appetizing.
Also, I just added a Challenge 2000 section on the cast, and one on gossip. Be sure to check them out.
Lastly, for those of you who might not already know, the next season of The Real World will be in New Orleans, while the next season of Road Rules is called Southern Trail, which I am guessing means the cast will be traveling across the Southern part of the United States.

Well, both The Real World and Road Rules are done until June, so no more summaries each week. But, I think I'll add a Challenge 2000 section sometime tomorrow. Do you have any other ideas of things I can add to the site? Let me know.

Today, Chadwick (RR Australia) came to my school. He was in a play called "Red Tide" about dating violence. I talked to him after, and he said he is now living in Boston and that Road Rules was the best experience of his life.
Also, the RW/RR Challemge has just about finished taping, but it doesn't premiere until 3 months from now (January 24). The cast members that participated in it are: Veronica and Yes (RR SAS); Holly (RR Latin America); Dan (RR Northern Trail); Los (RR 1); Piggy(RR Australia); Teck and Amaya (RW Hawaii); Kat (RW London); Mike (RW Miami); Heather B (RW New York); and David (RW Seattle). Look for a catfight between Amaya and Veronica to show up in one of the episodes.

The Real World episode summary for this week will probably be up sometime this weekend because, well, I forgot to tape the show last night! I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

The Pawel interview is now up, so be sure to check it out.
Also, as you probably already know, this season of Road Rules is over, and another one doesn't start until next summer. I think I might add reviews of each episode every week, starting next week with the SAS season premiere, but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Let me know.

The Real World Episode Summary for this week is finally up, so check it out.
Also, as you may or may not know, The Real World/Road Rules Challange 2000 is now being taped. The first mission was to bungee jump off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas and try to set the world-bungee-jumping record. I think one cast member set the record, but I'm not sure who. The first episode is supposed to air on Januray 24, 2000. I know of a few past cast members who are participating in the show, but I can't say who they are right now because BMP wants everything to be kept super-secret. But if you want to know who one of the cast members is, go here. Be sure to keep checking back for more Challenge 2000 updates!

The Real World Episode summary for this week probably won't be up until sometime this weekend. I got into a minor car accident this morning, and I really don't feel like doing too much of anything right now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but if anyone would like to write a summary for this week's episode to put on this site, feel free to do so and send it in. Thanks again!

I will try to get the Real World Episode summary up tomorrow (hopefully). You know, school projects and stuff can really tie a person down! Oh, in other news, Rachel (RW 3) and Sean (RW 6) are now the proud parents of a baby girl named Eva Pilar, born October 1st.

I happened to turn on MTV today and I found yet another Real World Hawaii cast member suffering from a case of overexposure. This time it was Kaia, and she was the Performance Judge on Say What Karaoke. She looked hideous, to say the least. If you want to watch the episode, I think it airs again tonight at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Remember, tomorrow is the last day to send in any questions you would like to ask Pawel (RR SAS).

Great news! Pawel (RR SAS) has agreed to do an interview for this site! Got a few questions you would like to ask him? Well, send them in! The deadline for questions is next Tuesday, September 28.
Also, there will be no Real World Summary this week becuase The Real World was pre-empted by the 25th rerun of "Adam Sandler's Funny Videos". MTV really made a smooth move replacing its top-rated show with that for a week, huh?

Pawel (RR 8) has a new homepage. Go check it out!

Did anyone catch Colin, Teck, Amaya, and Matt on Politically Incorrect last night? I thought it was pretty boring and awkward. I don't feel like writing a summary on it, so if you guys have any thoughts on the episode, send them in. I'll put your thoughts up on the site. Make sure to include your name!

Correction: On September 10 (this Friday), Colin, Matt, Amaya, and Teck will be on Politically Incorrect on ABC. Be sure to tune in and see what they have to say!

It seems that Colin (RW 8) is everywhere these days! He recently gave an interview to E! Online. check it out here. I am also hearing that he and 3 other RW cast members (I think Amaya, Matt, and Kaia) will be on the tv show 'Politically Incorrect' on September 6 (next Monday).

The most annoying RW/RR cast member has been decided, so check out who won. Thanks to everyone who voted!

What a success story! First, Colin (RW 8) was rejected from the show. Then, he was asked to host the Casting Special. Then, he was surprisingly picked to be on the show. Then, last night, he was a judge for the Miss Teen USA Pageant on CBS!
Also, tomorrow is the last day to send in your answers for the most annoying RW/RR cast member. Remeber, he/she can be from any season.

Don't forget to send in your answers for the most annoying Real World/Road Rules cast member!

It's that time again...casting for the new seasons of The Real World and Road Rules. Go here to learn how you can be on the shows.

Thanks to everyone who answered the Real World/Road Rules question I previously asked (see previous updates). Check out which cast members got the most votes here.
Now I have another question: "Who do you think is the most ANNOYING Real World or Road Rules cast member?". Send in your answer, but only pick ONE cast member this time. You can send in your answers up until Thursday, August 26th.
Also, the Yes Interview is finally up! Check it out!.

Tomorrow is the last day to answer the question: "If you could pick six members from either Road Rules or The Real World, from any season (1-8) and put them together in a Winnebago to complete missions, who would you pick?". Send in your answers and I'll put the six cast members with the most votes up on the site sometime this weekend. Thanks to everyone who already sent their answers in!

As you may or may not have noticed, there are very few pictures on this site. That is because most of the pictures on MTV's site and Bunim-Murray's site are copyrighted. This means they cannot be put on other websites without extra special permission. Click here to see a funny picture of Veronica, or go here to check out some other great Road Rules pictures. Do you have any Real World or Road Rules pictures you want featured on this site? If so, Send them in!

I am still waiting for Yes to e-mail me back the answers to his interview questions. As soon as he e-mails me back, I will post the interview on my site.
P.S.Don't forget to send in your answers for the contest (see below)!

There will be a new contest on this website starting today. Here's the question: "If you could pick six members from either Road Rules or The Real World, from any season (1-8) and put them together in a Winnebago to complete missions, who would you pick?". Send in your answers and I'll post the Top Six cast members, tallied from all of your votes. The deadline for your answers in Friday, August 13.

The cast of The Real World is in the July 24th edition of TV Guide, on newsstands now. The article features a few pictures of the cast, but the article itself is not that good.
In other news, Abe (RR 7) was interviewed recently by the website Check it out here!

First off, let me express my condolences to the Kennedy and Bessette families.
Now, onto site news: Thank you for sending in questions for Yes. I will try to have the interview up soon.
That's it for now! I'll update this section with important site news or Real World and Road Rules news as soon as I get any.

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