Basically I started this section to answer all the questions I get asked on a daily basis about this site, The Real World, or Road Rules. If you want to know something about any of the above topics, e-mail me.

How do I apply to be on The Real Wolrd or Road Rules?
Right now MTV is not casting for either show b/c both shows are now taping and it is the casting off-season. I think casting starts up again in August. But you can try to send in a tape now, as I have heard that the casting people look at every tape they receive and if they see a tape they like during the off-season they call that person back once casting starts up again.

Here is the number of the casting hotline:
(818) 754-5790

Or you can go here for FAQ's and other information.

And here is the address to send tapes in to:
Bunim/Murray Productions
6007 Sepulveda Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91411

You can also find applications for both shows in any RW/RR book.

Why did you start this website?
Do you want to know the real reason? Mainly out of boredom. Yup, one day last May I was extremely bored, so I decided to start a site about my two favorite shows. It wasn't pretty in its formative stages (due to my complete lack of HTML knowledge), and I never would have imagined that over 33,000 people would visit in less than a year. Sometimes it's really hard work updating it regularly, but thanks to all the positive letters and support I get, this site is not going anywhere (at least not that I know of) for a while.

How can I get in touch with the Real World/Road Rules cast members?
Although I do know a few cast members' e-mail addresses, I am not at liberty to give them out. Bunim-Murray does allow you to e-mail any cast member through their website, but I've heard that the cast members hardly ever get those e-mails. You can try, though, by putting either RW or RR (whichever show the cast member you are looking to e-mail was on), then the person's name, then @bunim-murray.com.
Sound confusing? Say you wanted to e-mail Yes, it would look like this:
Or if you wanted to e-mail Amaya, you would put:

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