This year's Casting Special was hosted by past cast members Judd (RW San Francisco), Sarah (Road Rules Latin America), David (Real World Seattle), Janet (Real World Seattle), and Shawn (Road Rules Semester at Sea). Clips of the sixteen finalists were shown, and the past cast members discussed these clips and shared who they thought whould make it onto the two shows.
Since I don't feel like explaining what each person said and did, I will share my thoughts on the finalists:
Holly G.: I thought she was okay, kind of funny, but I didn't think she was as great as the past cast memebrs made her out to be. (NOTE: I am 99% sure that she is not the Holly who is on Road Rules. To the best of my knowledge, Holly M. makes it on Road Rules.)
Latterian: He reminded me a lot of Shawn from RR SAS, until he got to that whole "Latterian/T" thing about his split personalities.
Melissa:To me at least, she was really funny. I think she will be fun to watch on the Real World.
Jamie: Where to start. First he says he doesn't like how Kameelah already has negative feelings toward him, then he calls her "Chaka Zulu" behind her back. I'm sure that scored big with her after watching that. In my opinion, that was just the wrong thing to say.
Kelley: She appeared to be really self-conscious. I don't think that's going to help her out since the whole world will soon be seeing her on television for the next few months.
Danny: I really liked him--he seemed like a cool guy. Plus he's not that bad looking either:)
Kathryn: I'm not sure how I feel about her yet. We'll have to see how that whole Perfectionist thing figures into this season of Road Rules.
Msaada: I thought she was pretty cool. I loved how she was proud of who she is and where she comes from.
Rachna: She didn't strike me as being that great, but her Kaia impersonation was hilarious.
Bill: I thought he was okay, except for that "I've done everything in life except fall in love" speech.
David: He struck me as being a very smart guy, despite that horrible nose ring. Plus his audition tape was really creative and funny.
James: Out of all the finalists, he was one of my favorites. He just seemed very nice and down-to-earth. I did have a quote up that was supposedly from him saying how he was a total frat-boy and everything, but as you will see if you go to the Road Rules Cast Page, I took it down, because (to me at least) he doesn't seem anything like that at all. If the shows prove otherwise, I'll put it back up, but for now it's staying down. If anything, that quote should belong to Jamie--maybe the two got mixed up, or whatever. Ok, I'm rambling. As soon as I find out the real deal, I'll let you know. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
Matt: He was my other favorite. I think it's so great that he formed his own totally unique identity despite his surroundings.
Holly M.: At first, I couldn't stand her after she made that comment how sex with her makes people's lives better, or something like that. But then I felt a little bad about what happened between her and her dad. Come on--she was the only one who cried--I have to give her credit for that. (But let's just hope she does not turn out to be another Amaya).
Theo: All I can say is, it will be fun to watch his actions towards his other Road Rules cast members. I was not raised in the South like he was, so I don't know where he's coming from or what would urge him to make some of the comments he did, but I think he and Jamie would get along just fine.
Julie: She obviously does not know how MTV works if she wants people to get to know her and judge her by the way she will be portrayed on the show. Did that comment amuse anyone else? I thought so.

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