Danny's parents come to visit, coincidentally at the same time Paul does. Danny just recently came out to his parents, and he's not sure how they are taking it, especially his dad. Which makes Danny very apprehensive about introducing his dad to Paul for the first time. When they do meet, Danny's mother treats Paul very kindly, and his dad treats him as if he were just another one of Danny's friends. Danny later learns this is because no one told his dad who Paul really was, so he just assumed Paul WAS another one of Danny's friends. But everything goes over well so there is no complaining on Danny's part.
The same cannot be said for the next addition of the Real 7 that Jamie produces. When David and Kelley produced their shows, Jamie slacked off and wanted no part of it. But when it is his turn to produce, he tries to act responsible and keep the gang motivated. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
Since the Real Worlders just got back from Africa, Jamie feels it is appropriate to have a show dealing with African music. He brings in four men who know a lot about the topic and are very well-respected in New Orleans. But he fails to tell the hosts of the show who these men are and what they do, so the end product is a half hour of unplanned crap. Jamie, trying to boost his ego, says the show went over very well, but Elton, the producer, quickly proves him wrong. After a few lame excuses, Jamie admits the show's failure was his fault, and he vows to work harder next time.

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