It's Vacation Time in the Real World house. This year's destination: South Africa. The whole house is really looking forward to this trip, but the only thing they're not looking forward to is spending time with each other. The thought of 24 hours a day with one another scares all seven of them. They are especially worried with how they will interact with David, who has been distancing himself from everyone lately. They all hope the trip will be a chance for him to open up, but they're wrong.
The gang takes a tour of the South African townships and learns all about Apartheid. David and Melissa are moved by this tour, but instead of discussing their feelings with each other, David goes off and befriends some locals to talk with. This makes Melissa particularly upset.
Know what else makes Melissa upset? Nature. And sports. And anything that involves working. So she's not too happy about one of the Real Worlders' activities: Abseil. Abseil is like rappelling down a cliff, and Melissa wants no part of it. But she eventually tries it and makes it down the cliff safely. After this (and talking with Julie for a little bit), she feels she can do anything, even something having to do with nature. Nature Sensei is very proud.

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