Melissa is sick of New Orleans, and she wants to go home. Now, I have no clue why all of a sudden she is so upset, nor do I care. She's lost it, obviously. How can I tell this? Well, she goes about saying how she loves her father and he means everything to her, yet he basically ruined her life by being an alcoholic. Then, when Julie tries to talk to her and ask her why she is in such a bad mood, Melissa screams at her in the middle of the street and admits she doesn't care about Julie or anyone else in the house--she cares about Melissa and Melissa only. Finally, the truth has come out.
In other news, Matt invites a girl over the house. Her name is Kelly, and he met her at a club. Matt really likes Kelly, because he admits he is very choosy about girls and he only pursues girls he likes a whole lot. Inviting Kelly over the house and introducing her to his roommates is a big step, but she and Matt have a lot in common, so he hopes things will work out.

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