It's David's turn to produce 'The Real 7,' and the roommates are unhappy with the way he is handling his duties. According to them, he is bossing everyone around and taking his job way too seriously. He is just trying his hardest to put together a decent show, complete with a live band in the studio. When he is supposed to go and meet with the band to talk about the show, the girls and Danny are out with the car so David and Matt have to walk to make their appointment. Obviously upset, David talks to the roomies later and expresses his disappointment in them. This causes a lot of tension between David and the rest of the group, and they don't know if they can work together to complete that week's show.
But as they say, the show must go on, and it does, almost perfectly. All in all, David was a very good producer and everyone is thoroughly pleased with the outcome of the show and their faith in David is restored.
But just in case, David once again redeems himself and makes his mother very proud, too. See, he has a lady friend who helps him get an audition to sing the National Anthem at a New Orleans Brass hockey game. His audition is a success and he gets to sing at a game. Knwoing how much his mother had done for him and how he just wants to make her proud, David invites her to the game. She and all the roommates attend and are stunned with David's great performance. Melissa even gets tears in her eyes as David is singing. If that isn't touching, I don't know what is.

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