The first installment of 'The Real 7' is about to go on the air, and no one is prepared. Kelley is stressed out from producing the show, she can't take all the conflict that goes with the job, and as Matt puts it, "Kelley is bothered by the fact that she had to tell other people what to do." None of the other roommates seem to want to listen to her, especially David, who, instead of answering five questions about himself like the other six housemates, insists on having one of his original musical compositions played during the opening of the show. Kelley and everyone else feel it is out of place and will look stupid, but David won't let anyone tell him what to do. So the song stays, because as he puts it, the questions are answered through the song, or at least HE thinks that.
Kelley finally gets everyone to get moving on the show, and they all work right up until the last minute. Everyone fears the show will suck, but in the end they think it goes off fine. Except for David's part in the opening segment, where he is shown with his shirt off, talking on a cell phone, and standing in front of nice cars that aren't his, all while his song is being played in the background. As Danny puts it, "It's a bad rap video." I got a kick out of that part, so it wasn't all a waste, I guess.
Everyone celebrates their 'victory,' except for Julie, who feels the show did in fact suck, and she dreads the next installment. So does the rest of New Orleans for the most part, because word gets around town about the show and people are unhappy that non-locals think they know everything about New Orleans, blah, blah, blah. First they take over the town, then the airwaves. As my friend would say, it's a conspiracy.

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