Danny decides he needs to get away from his housemates (who could blame him), so he gets a job bartending at a local club on Thursday nights. There, he meets some attractive men and invites them back to the Belfort hot tub. They have a good time, but Danny really misses Paul and wants to stay faithful to him. And it's almost Valentine's Day, so he wants to be somebody's Valentine for the first time ever.
So does Julie, but it seems she's out of luck. She likes Matt a lot, but they have a lack of communication and she doesn't know what to do. Finally realizing this relationship is not getting anywhere, she seeks comfort in her brother Alan, who is visiting from Wisconsin. Julie and Alan go out on the town and get themselves permanently marked for damnation or however Alan put it by getting their palms read. What a way to spend a vacation.
So, Julie is not having too much luck in the romance department, but Kelley sure is. She and Peter seem to be getting a lot closer, and he even dumps his girlfriend just to be with Kelley. How sweet.
Back at the Belfort, Danny gets a call from Paul (hey, that rhymes!) telling him to look for a surprise on Valentine's Day around 8:00 at night. No, it's not Melissa in a stripper costume, it's Paul himself! Although Danny is ecstatic to see his boyfriend, he feels he must choose between Paul and wild nights frolicking in the hot tub. I know, it's a tough choice, but it must be made.

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