Okay, okay. Sorry this summary is so late--I forgot to tape the show when it was on Tuesday night. But enough of my excuses, it's time to find out about another fun Melissa-filled episode.
This time the antics start when she finds out her former boyfriend Ryan is coming to visit. She isn't sure if she wants him to come, but she doesn't want to lose him as a friend, you know how it goes.
Speaking of friends, David has found one in the form of a keyboard. He spends hours upon end composing music on it, and neglects his work at NOATV to be with it. Just think of a scary, posessive, girlfriend in the inanimate sense, and you've got the keyboard. This makes Kelley upset, and she confronts him about it and tells him he needs to spend more time dedicating himself to the TV show than to working his other job as a bartender and hitting on the keyboard. Then Ryan shows up, and things get even more out of hand. It's Melissa's birthday, and Jamie throws her a big bash at a club called The Red Room. Of course the alcohol flows like water, and Melissa laps it right up. She dances with a barely-clothed David (ooohhh, that keyboard must be getting jealous!), flirts with drag queens, and makes herself look even more pathetic than she has come off in past episodes. (As my dad put it, she is the poster child for why people should NOT drink.) Ryan gets upset at this and calls her out on it, even saying that she is a bitch. And I wonder why those two broke up...

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