Jamie seems to be this season's Hot Commodity, seeing as both Melissa and Kelley have crushes on him. He does not seem ready for a relationship, but still harmlessly flirts with both girls. Which, of course, is perfectly okay with the both of them.
Kelley, although okay with the whole Jamie situation, is ready for a real relationship. One night, she meets a man named Peter at a bar. He is a medical resident, cute, drives a nice car, and is just the type of man she is looking for. The one catch: he has a girlfriend, although she lives in another city. That seems to be okay with Kelley, though, so she invites him to a drag show that she, Melissa, and Julie are participating in. After the show, Kelley goes home with Peter and doesn't return to the house. When she gets home the next day, Julie asks her if she and Peter slept together. Kelley does not get too offended by this question, but lets Julie know that it was not the most appropriate thing to ask. Hey, she could have asked a lot worse, but I won't get into that right now. Just use your imagination. Or pretend you were Melissa.

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