Melissa needs a man, and she needs one fast. So the only solution is to go out on the town and mingle with the local fraternity crowd. It's her lucky day, because she catches the attention of "Frat Matt" (those clever producers--there is already a Matt on the show, and since this new Matt is in a fraternity, he gets a cute rhyming name to help distinguish him), a local college student. Melissa, hungry for a Manwich, strikes her prey and makes him ask her out on a date. They go out on their big date, which includes him going with her to buy a new coat and then buying her dinner. A few days later, he invites her and Julie to go out with him and his friends for a big birthday bash. After the big bash, Melissa invites Frat Matt back to the mansion, where he tries to kiss her and cuddle with her. She isn't having any of this, and blows Matt off, because he is "too rich for her". Normally, she says, guys like him would never give her a second glance, and she is not used to having a guy hold doors open for her and buy her dinner. Now I do not know what she is on, becuase I have always been taught that if a guy wants to buy you dinner and do nice things for you, stick with him as long as possible. If the relationship doesn't work out, at least you didn't have to pay for dinner for a few weeks.
A few days later, Melissa informs everyone that Frat Matt "dumped her," because he hasn't called in three days. Well, I could see why: she blew him off, so I don't blame him for not calling. But I do not see how that means he dumped Melissa. I think she is just craving for attention, if you ask me.
Speaking of attention, the cast finds out that their new job will be to produce and star in a local cable access show on New Orleans Access Television (NOATV). They meet their boss, Elton, and are told they have a few days before thier next meeting to decide on the name and format of their show, and who will be doing what. At the next meeting, they all show up a half hour late, and Elton is not happy. He then decides their ideas are not good enough, which leaves almost all the gang immediately disliking their new boss. If that's the case, Elton's opinions on them should be fun to hear.

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