"Melissa is beautiful. Did you know that? Did I mention she's beautiful?" Gee, I wonder if David likes Melissa. We begin this episode by David gushing how perfect and wonderful Melissa is, and how they get along because they are the only minorities in the house. They go grocery shopping together, cook together, and have nice intellectual talks. Then Julie gets upset because SHE is supposed to be the focus of the show, so we are given her obligatory 5 minutes of fame for this episode.
Remember how she got upset last week when everyone was passing judgement on her because she is a Mormon? Well, she puts her foot in her mouth this week by asking Danny all these stereotypical questions about gay people: "Do you like architecture and interior design because you're gay?" I guess we all know by now that there's no architecture program at BYU.
Her five minutes end, so it's back to Melissa. She seems to be having a bad day--she misses her parents or something like that. So what better way to make her day better than get totally loaded and strip? I know that's what I do to lift my spirits. This makes David very upset--he thought that she would always go to him if she needed help, but instead she turned to her good friend Mr. Screwdriver. When she gets back home from her wild night on the town, David tells her he is upset, and she tells him she doesn't care and she's not going to talk to him for the next five months. As a result, David's feelings get hurt and he refuses to talk to anyone in the house. Melissa, being the little peacemaker she is, apologizes, and everything is happy again.

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