Well, I know everyone has been anxiously waiting for the new season of the Real World to start so we can all see if this year's cast is as intelligent and likeable as last year's. The wait is over, so you can all sleep easy now.
Julie and David are the first roommates to arrive at the Belfort mansion, their home for the next few months. They are soon joined by Kelley and Matt and Danny and Melissa. On the way to the house, Danny tells Melissa he has a secret, but refuses to divulge what it is. When he gets to the house, he tells his other roommates he has a secret, and then tells Kelley what it is in French. But it seems three years of French are not enough for Kelley to translate, so the "secret" gets put away for awhile. Jamie is the last Roomie to show up, but when he does, the gang explores the house and then eats some good old N'awlins food. But unfortunately for Melissa, Man Sandwiches were not on the menu. Maybe next time.
David eloquently describes the house as what would happen if "Martha Stewart and Busta Rhymes got together." Not like anyone cares, but Busta Rhymes puts on an excellent live show. Martha Stewart, I'm not so sure about. Then the gang picks rooms--Danny and Melissa share one (where he finally tells her his big secret--he's gay), David, Jamie, and Matt room together, and Kelley and Julie share a room. Everything is done very diplomatically, everyone gets their own way, and the show's ratings go downhill.
Then the gang goes out on Bourbon Street for a little partying. When they get home, Danny goes into Julie and Kelley's room. Julie has never shared a room with a boy before, so this is a new experience for her. Since she is a Mormon, her parents will definitely not approve of this, but she feels that while she is in New Orleans, she can do whatever she wants without any reprecussions, so screw her parents and her morals and everything. So of course, romance is not out of the question while in Louisiana. She and Matt instantly take a liking to one another, despite their religious backgrounds. Hey, true love conquers all, I guess.
Julie and David also share a special connection--that of a love for music. She sings to him and then starts to cry, because she feels she has been a little too judgemental of him and he's really a nice guy, etc., etc. (Note: Judging from this episode and the trailer that shows what's going to happen this season, my guess is that Julie could give Amaya a run for her money on the cry tally. Place your bets now, folks. This could be a close race, but I think we might have a new champion.) Then David starts to write a song for Julie. How sweet. And he also explains to her that he enjoys sex and he's "got more game than Monopoly." That boy has some great one-liners. I'm sure Julie's parents are both having coronaries watching this episode.
Speaking of romance, Danny, even though he's gay, takes a liking to both Jamie and Kelley. But he has a serious boyfriend, Paul (who he has only known for three weeks, mind you). In fact, these two are so in love that Paul comes to visit one of the first days Danny is in New Orleans. Since Paul is in the military, him coming out of the closet is a big no-no, so his face has to be blurred all the time. That makes for very entertaining television, let me tell you. It's going to be a fun few months.

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