EPISODES 822-823

Episodes 822-823 (11/9)-Before I summarize the final episode of this season of The Real World, I just have a few things to say:
1.) Matt and Kaia? Matt and Kaia? Eccchhhhhhhh.
2.) Does anyone recall any other season of this show where the cast members were SO DAMN FAKE that it's disgusting?
3.) Was anyone else who has read the new Real World book totally grossed out by the picture on page 68? I thought so.
Now, onto the summary...
This episode begins (I think) with the gang discussing how they are going to pull off their final performance at the Local Motion--a Variety Show. Teck says everyone is creative, so they'll be alright. Matt then goes on to say how he is being pursued by Kaia, but then whips out a skit for him and Kaia to perform that involves a very passionate kiss. Hmmmm...who's doing the pursuing here, folks? Anyways, Matt also says he's really in love with Ruthie's twin, Sara, and he tells Kaia he can't have a relationship with her. Hahahaha--it sure seems like you mean that one, Matt, but I'll get to that later.
The gang goes shopping for their show and prays for the best. On the night of the Big Production (which will have new meaning in a few moments) the gang gets to show off their tremendous skills--Teck and Matt dress up as women, Ruthie raps, Kaia and Matt make out, and(Surprise!) Amaya cries (and, not to be confined to one talent, she also sings too). What?, you may ask. Amaya--cry? Yes folks, it wouldn't be an episode of The Real World without Amaya shedding some tears (and Ruthie shedding some clothes, but never mind that). It seems that everyone is still picking on her, and she doesn't like to be singled out. So during the show she goes and cries to her friend Pam, who tells her to just deal with it. But Amaya can't do that--she plans to tell Kaia off, since it seems Kaia has been bothering her the most. So, the day after the Variety Show, Amaya calls Kaia a hypocrite and tells her off and says she is a much better person because she was picked on. She also says that Ruthie has made her a better person and, in the confessional, gives Kaia the finger. Ouch--that hurt!
Ok, back to the Matt and Kaia Love Affair. Matt thoroughly enjoys his kiss with Kaia, insisting it was not a screen kiss--it was real and passionate. But remember kids, SHE is the one pursuing HIM. Well, after the show they go back to the house and make out while Matt "tries to tell Kaia how important Sara is to him." While making out. And snuggling in the same bed. Then he later confesses he DOESN'T have feelings for Kaia, she's just a friend. Sure...
Then it's time to say good-bye as the gang packs up and heads for the airport. Amaya is glad that someone (Ruthie) finally likes her, and says she is leaving Hawaii feeling great. Yeah, I'd feel great too if everyone hated me and I was friends with the person I hated the most. But, whatever, the cast parts on (seemingly) good terms, which brings another delightful season to an end.

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