Episode 821 (11/2)-Colin's friend Tony visits, and Amaya decides to "welcome him" to Hawaii. She does this by spending 24 hours a day with Tony, which results in both of them completely ignoring Colin. Colin is not so happy about this, since he already warned his friend of Amaya's wrath. But Tony eventually goes home and poor little Amaya is left all alone. Literally. See, everyone in the house finally realizes what a jerk she really is--she plays nice, then goes behind everyone's back. They ignore her (yes, even her new best friend Kaia), so she cries. And cries. And cries. Did you possibly think she'd do anything else? Well, all that crying makes her delusional, so she tries to talk to Ruthie (who I guess is now back together with Malo). Yes Ruthie. You heard me right. Amaya thinks that she can talk with Ruthie because Ruthie was once in the same boat right before she got kicked out of the house. Ruthie doesn't buy Amaya's BS, but she remains pretty much friendly. Amaya still seeks more insight into why no one likes her, so she goes to the resident expert, Trooper Matt. He tells her she's mean. Then she asks Kaia, and Kaia ignores her. Poor Amaya. Hahahaha.

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