Episode 820 (10/26)-In this episode, Amaya gets a great new man, a great new friend, and possibly a great new venereal disease. First off, Amaya meets Michael, her new fling, at the Local Motion where he is playing with his band. She is instantly attracted to him, so she gives him her number and they go out. But Michael takes things too fast, which would normally be okay with Amaya. But there's trouble in paradise when she finds a wart on her unmentionables and fears it may be herpes. She cries about it to her new friend Kaia, who listens and tries to give her heartfelt advice before getting Amaya to join her in gossiping about Ruthie.
Speak of the devil, Ruthie is getting closer and closer to Colin, and this time it's Kaia who gets a little jealous. You see, she and Colin planned a trip to Maui together, but Colin invites Ruthie and Kaia bails. Real maturity, huh? Colin and Ruthie have a great time anyways, and come back in the midst of Amaya's dilemma. Amaya worries for a few days, goes to the gyno, and finds out she's okay. Damn, I bet I wasn't the only one who was wishing she did have herpes. Sounds mean, but I think it would actually liven up this season a bit.

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